If a person is looking for a really high-quality weed, then they should be buying an AAAA grade. This is the best quality available and will give a person a much better experience than if bought a lower grade product such as AA or AAA. If you are looking for this type of product you are in a good place, at BuyWeed247 we have a wide variety of Quads at a great price. If you want to buy some of the best quality weed in Canada without breaking the bank look no further!

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Green Valley’s AAAA+ Frosted Fruit Cake

$24.00 - $790.00 $24.00 - $695.00
$149.00 $125.00/OZ
Indica (80:20)

Green Valley’s AAAA+ Platinum Rockstar Med.

$23.00 - $1,650.00 $23.00 - $1,080.00
$169.00 $115.00/OZ
Indica (75:25)

Green Valley’s AAAA+ Cherry Diesel Med.

$21.00 - $709.00 $21.00 - $589.00
$129.00 $109.00/OZ

Green Valley’s AAAA+ Diablo Death Bubba

$25.00 - $1,990.00 $25.00 - $1,380.00
$195.00 $149.00/OZ

Green Valley’s AAAA+ Sour Jamaican Lime Med.

$20.00 - $1,200.00 $20.00 - $999.00
$135.00 $99.00/OZ
Indica (70:30)

Green Valley’s AAAA+ Super Pink Med.

$20.00 - $1,599.00 $20.00 - $1,069.00
$159.00 $109.00/OZ
Indica (90:10)

Green Valley’s AAAA+ Pinkman Goo Med.

$20.00 - $1,400.00 $20.00 - $1,059.00
$150.00 $109.00/OZ
Indica (80:20)

What‌ ‌exactly is‌ ‌AAAA‌ Grade ‌Weed?‌

This grade of weed is highly desired and widely purchased in the market right now. It consists of:

  • High THC levels
  • Thick hairy buds with a variety of colours ranging from green to orange-yellow trichomes are easily visible on it that promise an exquisite high.
  • AAAA weed should also have dense and fat buds

The price of weed varies depending on the grade. AAAA is more expensive than other types, but some people still buy it because they know what they are getting and how good it is.

What is the price of Grade AAAA weed?

It's hard to get a good deal on premium-grade marijuana because it's expensive and you don't want to risk buying cheap, low-quality stuff. Grade AAAA weed usually costs $200 and above per ounce. However, at BuyWeed247 you can find this grade for as low as $120.

We have access to high-quality cannabis grown in BC. Our growers such as Kootenay Exotics and Green Valley's are true master cultivators who take pride in growing only the finest cannabis plants so you always receive top-shelf buds every time! All our products are hand-trimmed, vacuum-sealed and shipped discreetly right to your door with free shipping included on orders over $150+. Whether you need an ounce of Blue Dream or two grams of Gorilla Glue #4 we have your back.

Our Best Seller AAAA grade Weed

All of our products go through the most rigorous quality control and testing procedures to make sure they're potent, aromatic with no mould or other defects. Once we've determined that a strain meets these standards it will be graded on smell intensity before being sold for your enjoyment!

Our best AAAA Weed mainly comes from our favourite BC growers Kootenay Exotics and Green Valley:

  • Pink Death
  • Diablo Death Bubba
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Rockstart Tuna
  • Strawberry and Cream

Take it to the next level with AAAA+ Grade

AAAA and AAA+ grades are high-quality, thick green buds with great THC levels. However, the AAAA+ grade is always handpicked for its pristine condition which ensures you will receive an almost completely untouched product; making these nuggets some serious medicine. If you are looking for la creme de la creme go for AAAA+ Weed, they are the absolute best quality in Canada. Make sure to check the Grade before buying your products and you will see the difference! Alternatively, you could also sample both Grades and experience the difference by yourself.