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Top 6 Weed Strains in Canada 2021

Top 6 Weed Strains in Canada 2021, BuyWeed247

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.The best weed strains in Canada are best for different purposes. For example, if you want to relax after a long day of work, Indica is best for you. If you need energy and focus to get through the day, then Sativa might be better suited for your needs. Alternatively, if you want a balance between the two types of marijuana you could also go for hybrid strains!

There are so many great weed strains in Canada that it can be difficult to pick which one will best suit what you’re trying to achieve- but this article has done the research on some of the most popular ones!

#1 Weeding Cake

Weeding Cake Weed Strains are best described as a hybrid cannabis strain that is with heavy Indica effects. It is a hybrid with Indica-dominant strain attained by crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies

Flavours of Weeding Cake weed include berry, sour citrus, and an earthy pine smell with hints of sandalwood or cedar.

The taste can be best described as smoothly mixed berries. It’s best to smoke on an empty stomach for the full effect; this strain might cause you heavy munchies because of its high THC percentage (typically over 20%). The best time to take this strain is during social occasions or just before bedtime when you’re looking for sleepiness but not total sedation.

#2 Meat Breath

The infamous Meatloaf X Mendo Breath strains are two of the most popular hybrids in history. Through crossing these genetics, a new champion was created—the meaty and spicy Meat Breath strain that will leave you drooling for hours on end!

The always-popular combinations of Indica/Sativa hybrid inputs have been topped off with an ultra-rare 50% split between both varieties to create one incredible cannabis powerhouse called “Meat Breath”. The strain’s potency is a result of its high 24-29% THC level. Meatbreath has a super dank and spicy citrus diesel flavour.

You’ll feel euphoria settle into your mind soon after your final puff, filling you with a lifted energy that’s quite mellow. As your mind lifts, your body will begin to settle into a light relaxed state that leaves you completely pain-free and at ease with the world around you.

Chronic Fatigue, depression, chronic pain, nausea or appetite loss and chronic stress can be treated with Meatbreath. This bud has long tapered minty nugs that are fiery orange in colour with a thick frost of white chunky crystals for extra relief!

#3 Death Bubba

How to best describe Death Bubba weed strains? Death Bubba is an indica-dominant (70% indica/30% sativa) hybrid strain that descends from the popular Bubba Kush strain.

With an average THC level of over 20%, this strain is very potent and will make any smoker cough with its diesel aroma. It can be used as both daytime medication or nighttime relaxation – it’s up to you! The effects are also something special: uplifting, energetic but Stoney at the same time. Death Bubba can help you with many of your ailments from depression to fatigue.

Sounds like your best bud ever? Yeah, that’s what we thought so too!

#4 Girl Scout Cookies

The best weed strains are often the ones that have a name we can’t forget. Remember Girl Scout Cookies? This strain has been raved about for decades because of its THC level and how many people find relief from their symptoms with this hybrid cannabis flower. Girl Scout Cookies are an ideal strain for treating chronic anxiety or stress, appetite loss, depression, and chronic pain.

Girl Scout cookies is a crossing of OG Kush of Durban Poison. THC levels can reach up to 24%. It is best for daytime use with its high THC levels.

The unique aroma is indicative of high levels of terpenes, giving it an earthy taste. GSC buzzes are very well-balanced with a slight Indica dominance that hits both mind and body. This strain can be use is for both daytime relief to help you stay productive, creative and happy throughout the day.  This strain’s psychoactive high leaves you uplifted and somewhat couch-locked while a pesky sense of hunger looms in the back of your mind.

#5 Gelato

Gelato is a hybrid strain created by crossing the Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains. The 55% indica/45% sativa split leaves many users feeling happy, giggly, creative, and uplifted while medicating effectively for pain relief.

THC level usually reach 20%. Regarding its aroma, it is known to be Sweet, floral, fruity taste. The gelato strain was very smooth on inhaling – about as potent as you’d expect from an Indica dominant hybrid. Very lightheaded feeling that creeps up slowly over time which some people may like more than others since it doesn’t hit hard right away for those looking for strong effects immediately.

Effects: Relaxing body high coupled with a nice Indica high that soothes the mind.

#6 Trainwreck

Trainwreck is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. A combination of two original sativas (Mexican and Thai) and an indica (Afghani). THC levels averaging 20-25%.

Trainwrecks high terpene profile gives it an Herbal, Lemon, Pine, Sweet complemented by Woody notes that come from the aroma of its Afghani parentage. The taste can range from mild to harsh depending on how you cure your buds; while some strains have been known for their lemony flavour during flowering periods due to heavy orange terpenes such as myrcene.

This cannabis strain is so deliciously covered in trichomes (hairs) that it’s hard to see the true color of its beautiful light green or lighter gray leaf.

Trainwreck have Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy as well as uplifting effects.

You can use trainwreck to relieve health conditions such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depressions…

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