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Best Weed Strains for Creativity

Best Weed Strains for Creativity, BuyWeed247

A 2022 guide to the best Sativa strains for creativity in Canada won’t be as valuable as we want without a Jack Herer strain review, a list of the best Sativa strains for energy, a Sour Diesel strain review and a checklist of the best Indica strains for creativity. Plus, it needs to be embellished with comprehensive sections for the best daytime strains for productivity, a Purple Haze strain review and a list of the best strains for musicians in Canada this year.


So that’s exactly how we outlined the sections of this guide. We start with core fundamentals, followed by more detailed sections about the different types of strains today in the country’s cannabis industry. We also included sections for particular groups of cannabis lovers in Canada that use their favorite strains to enhance their performance and overall enjoyment at their professions in the creative arts and other interesting fields.


Aside from thorough research that spanned several months, we also performed our evaluations and carefully documented the results of our tests. Meanwhile, we interviewed dozens of groups all around Canada that included expert growers, veteran weed smokers, dispensary operators, medical research scientists, musicians, professionals in fields like creative arts, multimedia communication and tech product design, and many other fields of general consumers of cannabis products.


Now let’s start. As mentioned earlier, we’ll kick off with core fundamentals.


Hemp vs Marijuana — What’s the Difference?

Simply put, cannabis is a family of plants with different breeds. And the two most widely known ones all around the world are hemp and marijuana. Meanwhile, each breed has two distinct groups, namely cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica.


The main difference between hemp and marijuana is the amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Hemp, in general, is all plants with no more than 0.3% THC. On the other hand, if a cannabis plant has more than 0.3% of THC, it’s classified as marijuana.


What is THC?

There isn’t a guide to the best Sativa strains for creativity out there that doesn’t talk about THC. This stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. And it’s one of many organic, naturally occurring compounds in these cannabis plants. Other widely known ones used in many Canadian laboratories and universities today are CBD (cannabidiol) and terpenes. These are also infused in many cannabis products today, which you can buy from shops and eCommerce platforms all around the country.


Many of the organic compounds in these hemp and marijuana plants interact with the human CNS (central nervous system). And when it does through inhalation or ingestion, THC is known to cause psychoactive effects. According to the Canadian groups, we asked about this, and these psychoactive effects range from mild to moderate creative inspiration, intense concentration and focused motivation. A few also say they sometimes experience mild hallucinations and other psychedelic effects.


What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is, as described earlier, another type of organic compound in hemp and marijuana. More of it is found in hemp than marijuana, though. And it also interacts with the human CNS, according to the Canadian medical researchers we interviewed.


But unlike THC, CBD does not cause any known psychoactive effect. The expert growers and veteran weed smokers we asked about say they usually feel relaxed after smoking, vaping and eating food infused with CBD-rich buds. Many of them refer to this as a strong body high, unlike what they also refer to as the mind high they get from weed with higher THC concentrations.


Many, if not most of the other cannabis consumers we talked to say they use CBD-infused products to relieve stress, fatigue, physical pain and discomfort. Some say they use CBD edibles and Indica-dominant weed strains to help manage insomnia and appetite loss.


What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are another organic, naturally occurring compound in marijuana and hemp. But these aren’t just found in cannabis plants. Instead, there are also terpenes in other plants and even in animals.


And in cannabis, the presence of these terpenes is concentrated in the liquid-like sheen that covers the leaves of these plants. These terpenes are responsible for the distinct aromas of hemp and marijuana. Some researchers say these also significantly contribute to these plants’ flavors and overall taste when consumed and infused in other products.


Meanwhile, Canada’s top medical research groups currently specializing in therapeutic applications for these cannabis plants say their clinical trials indicate a strong correlation between these terpenes and positive therapeutic effects to relief from physical pain and discomfort, depression and anxiety, stress and fatigue. They also say this is very similar to the positive effects of widely used products for aromatherapy.


What Are Concentrates?

You might have encountered these products while searching for the best Sativa strains for creativity in Canada today. Concentrates are rapidly growing in popularity all around the country today. Simply put, these are extracts derived from the buds and leaves of marijuana and hemp.


The way to concentrate is to soak the buds and leaves of your favorite strains in an organic substance like alcohol. By leaving it to sit in the solution for a day or so before straining and isolating the liquid, you’ll have what’s called a tincture. And depending on the concentrations of CBD and THC in the plants you used, you’ll either have a CBD tincture or a THC tincture.


These are also known as distillates. That’s because others prefer to heat this solution to be left with a solid, crystal-like substance after this process. And to learn more about these products, here’s our comprehensive guide to buying cannabis concentrates from credible stores at the most reasonable prices in Canada today.


Sativa vs Indica — What’s the Difference?

So now, in this guide to the best Sativa strains for creativity, let’s talk about the main differences between Sativa and Indica. Again, these are two distinct groups of hemp and marijuana breeds under the cannabis family of plants.


In terms of appearance, Sativa-dominant strains generally appear shorter and stouter. Its buds tend to be fat and juicy-looking, which is many attributes of these plants having fewer leaves than Indica varieties. It also has broader leaves and trunks. But its stems are still thin and narrow.


As for aroma, many Sativa varieties usually smell fresh, grassy and pungent. Though in terms of taste, many Canadian bud lovers we talked to say they find the flavors of Sativa-dominant buds sour and minty. This is when smoking, vaping and ingesting it.


And when it comes to effects, lots of Canadian research groups, as well as medical professionals and general consumers alike all around the country, say Sativa-dominant buds ordinarily give a stronger mind. These usually manifest in bouts of intense concentration, creative inspiration, cognitive clarity and focused motivation. Still, the same groups say there are instances where individuals get the munchies and brief bouts of couchlock effects, which aren’t usually after taking Sativa-dominant strains. Though they also say this can sometimes be attributed to the individual’s energy levels before smoking, vaping or ingesting these Sativa buds.


On the other hand, Indica-dominant strains promote a stronger body high. These effects manifest as euphoric relaxation and relief from physical discomfort like backaches, leg pains, etc. This is also why the same groups mentioned earlier say these Indica buds are best used for managing stress and fatigue. Others say they use these Indica-dominant strains to help manage insomnia and appetite loss, which they sometimes get due to their other physiological conditions.


What Makes a Bud Among the Best Sativa Strains for Creativity in Canada?

As described in the previous section, many Sativa-dominant strains usually promote a stronger mind high than a body high. And this is why lots of the Canadian groups we interviewed for this guide say their vote is on these Sativa strains when it comes to the best daytime strains for productivity in the country today. Plus, the same groups shared with us that they consider the best Sativa strains for energy as usually those with very low concentrations of Indica and mid-level percentages of THC.


So what we can glean from the expert opinions of these local groups is that concentrations of both Sativa-Indica dominance and THC levels significantly contribute to the strain’s effects for promoting creativity, added energy and cognitive productivity. Plus, many of the artists we talked to all around the country say they consider lots of the Sativa-dominant buds they’ve tasted, especially those with mid to high levels of THC and average to lower than normal concentrations of Indica, as the best strains for musicians.


How About the Best Indica Strains for Creativity?

Because Indica strains are generally known to promote a much stronger body high than a mind high, these buds aren’t typically chosen for applications like enhanced creativity and focused motivation. Instead, they appeal more to the large groups of cannabis consumers all around Canada today that prefer to feel relaxed after smoking, vaping and ingesting Indica-dominant strains. They want to relieve their physical discomfort and manage their stress and fatigue, insomnia and appetite loss through these buds.


However, some veteran Canadian weed smokers we talked to throughout the past several months say they have a list of the best Indica strains for creativity. Upon careful investigation, we found out that these strains, on average, have higher than usual concentrations of Sativa, along with larger than normal percentages of THC.


Best Sativa Strains for Energy — What Are They?

We also noticed that many Canadian cannabis consumers today mentioned during our interviews that they also have a list of the best Sativa strains for energy. Some who might be new to the world of cannabis could say this goes against how they understand CBD and THC, among other hemp and marijuana products, to work. After all, popular media has depicted weed as a depressant over the past several decades.


However, many of the country’s experts in relevant fields, such as medical scientists and various research groups at Canada’s top universities, say there’s plenty of scientific evidence from their clinical trials to support this. And what they told us boils down to Sativa and Indica concentrations, THC and CBD levels, and the individual’s current state of mind and body.


They gave us some examples to understand this better. For instance, young adults currently feeling well-rested and relaxed who took Sativa-dominant strains with higher than usual amounts of THC and average levels of CBD felt energized and motivated longer than those in their other control groups. Meanwhile, one of those other groups includes Canadians in their mid-40s who, after being asked to neither eat nor drink anything a few hours before answering voluminous research questionnaires and talking to other members in the same group about their experience with cannabis-related products, only felt energized and motivated less than half the time of the previous group after taking the same strain in the same amount through the same methods.


So this indicates a correlation between your energy levels and the energizing effects of Sativa-dominant strains with higher than usual amounts of THC and average levels of CBD and Indica. And this for us makes sense. After all, while interacting with your central nervous system, the organic compounds in hemp and marijuana need to tap your body’s energy resources. And that’s apart from the energy resources constantly being tapped by your body to function and flush out anything that it thinks should be processed immediately.


Best Strains for Musicians in Canada This Year

And now, in this guide to the best Sativa strains for creativity, let’s move on to what many Canadians today consider as the most suitable weed strains for musicians. We prepared the following up-to-date reviews about strains that got the most significant number of votes from the cannabis lovers we interviewed all around the country:


2022 Jack Herer Strain Review

This strain is also popularly known as The Jack, JH, Platinum Jack and Premium Jack. It’s a Sativa-dominant strain that many Canadians consider as their top pick when it comes to the best strains for energy today.


Jack Herer is a hybrid strain with a 55% Sativa and 45% Indica blend upon closer investigation. This is quite usual for Sativa-dominant strains. But what we noticed as slightly different in Jack Herer is its higher than usual THC content, which is at 18%. On the other hand, its 1% CBD concentration is also usual in Sativa-dominant strains.


A cross between Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5, this Haze hybrid is among the top picks of our testers and the many other Canadians we asked what they consider as the best Sativa strain for energy in the country today. Many of them are pro musicians and sound designers. According to them, what they like about Jack Herer is the cerebral elevation after smoking and vaping this strain, which they also say often leads to bouts of creative inspiration helpful for their craft.


2022 Sour Diesel Strain Review

And in this section of our best Sativa strains for creativity guide, let’s talk about Sour Diesel. This is another popular Sativa-dominant strain. Lots of the musicians and sound designers in the groups that helped us develop this guide say this is among their favorites this year to enhance focus and creativity.


Also known as Sour D for a couple of decades across Canadian weed lovers, calling Sour Diesel a Sativa-dominant strain is almost a misnomer. That’s because this strain has a 90% Sativa and 10% Indica blend. And its 19% THC content and 0 to very minimal trace amounts of CBD are what many claim responsibility for its uplifting, cerebral elevating effects.


This strain got its name because of its aroma. Sour Diesel has a strong, pungent odor common among Sativa strains. And yes, it almost smells like Diesel.


Plus, some of the artists we interviewed about Sour Diesel say this helps them manage depression and other mental health conditions like bipolar disorder and social anxiety. And they also say this is most likely the primary reason they can usually focus more on their creative work after taking this strain.


2022 Purple Haze Strain Review

On the other hand, significant numbers of the musicians and sound designers in the same groups of Canadians mentioned earlier say they prefer a balanced blend of weed strains with just slightly higher Sativa concentration. And that’s what Purple Haze is, a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica hybrid.


We also noticed that many of them mentioned this strain, allowing them to manage physical discomfort brought about by certain physiological conditions, leg pains and backaches due to accidents in the past, among other healed surgical operations. And a couple of medical experts we asked about this say it’s quite common for hybrid strains to promote creativity and energy by promoting energized cerebral elevation, all while infusing this with a low-level body high. After all, the former is known as mind high, and the latter is mainly associated with Indica-dominant strains.


Meanwhile, Purple Haze has a 17.5% THC concentration and 1% CBD content. And, it’s bred with different flavors, including sweet and minty, fruity like blueberry and others. Its aroma is also a sweet-smelling strain, further enhancing its flavors when smoked or vaped. Some of the Canadian weed lovers we asked about this strain say this usually tastes like grapes when smoked fresh.


To access a list of the country’s top picks today, check our shop. We constantly update our carefully curated collection based on our extensive community research, thorough tests and strict evaluation procedures.


What to Look Out For in the Best Daytime Strains for Productivity

Now let’s talk about the best daytime strains for productivity in the country this year. After all, we’ve already covered in the previous section the top 3 picks of those various groups all around Canada when it comes to the best weed strains for creativity, which also happens to be the best Sativa strains for musicians today. Well, many of them say their votes for this also go to Jack Herer and Sour Diesel.


They explained that, most often than not, they feel energized while high on these strains. And many of them say its mind high doesn’t get too burdensome even when taken during the day, unlike other strains they’ve tried in the past.


So because of their expertise, we asked them to confirm what our test results point out as helpful factors to consider when looking for the best daytime strains for productivity in Canada today. And here’s what shook out of our conversations:


First, cannabis strains that can make you feel energized are mostly Sativa-dominant products. Many experts rarely encounter the contrary in their past and current clinical trials and laboratory tests. They say a blend of 60 to 90% Sativa and 10 to 40% Indica is among the most common strains that bring about an energized feeling while high for the majority of individuals who participate in their evaluations. And based on their expert recommendation, we also suggest you try out Sativa-dominant strains first, as we’re betting this could be an excellent match to your preferences.


Second, higher THC content appears to promote effects like what a little bit more caffeine does to you after drinking a steaming mug or two of brewed black coffee. This is according to the general consumers in the country that we talked to regarding this. And we also asked many Canadian medical professionals with expertise in fields relevant to this topic.


They explained that this typically occurs when the individual is well-rested, has a full meal before using the strain, and continues to drink plenty of water while high. Again, this makes a lot of sense for us because, as we described earlier, your body and mind use your energy reserves to fuel up the effects of these strains as you go along with your usual activities while on weed.


So aside from always remembering to do these things before taking your preferred strain, it might be in your best interest to start with products that have higher than usual THC content. However, don’t overdo this right from the get-go, especially if your body and mind haven’t developed significant tolerance to these strains. And most so if it’s your first time to take weed.


Instead, it’s always prudent to start with the least amount of THC. Even if it goes a little bit higher than what’s usually found in products intended for relief from physical pain and discomfort, after all, you can always gradually ramp up as you go along and build up your tolerance and familiarity with the effects of the strains that you want.


Third, it’s always best to test out different strains that check most of your boxes when it comes to the energized feeling you want. That’s because you’re bound not just to find the best daytime strains for productivity and creativity that will work exactly how you want it for yourself. Still, you’d also be able to taste the different varieties and flavors out there in Canada’s cannabis market today.


Though again, don’t overdo this. Don’t overdo anything when dealing with cannabis products. Always be smart when picking the strains to test. As described earlier, start with low doses of Sativa strains with minimal THC levels.


These three quick and simple tips can increase your chances of finding the right daytime strain out there for productivity and creativity. So you’re advised not just to remember them but also to follow them closely.


Safety Tips When Using the Best Weed Strains in Canada for Creativity

Of course, a 2022 guide to the best Sativa strains for creativity in Canada should have a section that discusses modern methods to stay safe and healthy while enjoying these cannabis products. So we dedicated this to conclude our guide. Let’s start!


  1. Consult your physician and a licensed medical professional with sufficient credentials and expertise in relevant subjects. Your local government can help you if you’re looking for the latter. You can call them and ask for guidance on how to get connected to an expert. These pros will be able to review your medical records and say the likelihood of you exhibiting any negative response when smoking, vaping or eating cannabis-infused products. Do this before you test out the best Sativa strains for creativity in your shortlist.
  2. Participate in discussions between Canadians with expert knowledge and familiarity in using the best strains for musicians, among other specialized applications and niche uses. For example, suppose you’re looking for the best daytime strains for productivity. In that case, you can increase the likelihood of getting helpful advice from weed lovers in your local area whose professions are in fields similar to yours. Engage and participate in their conversations. You’ll be able to learn a lot of to-dos and not-to-dos when you regularly spend time doing this, especially if you don’t have too much experience in using cannabis-infused products.
  3. Talk to your peers, particularly those with significant experience and tolerance, about the effects of similar strains on your shortlist. Ask them if they’re interested in helping you out as you test your preferred strains. They can be your trip-sitter while you’re high in a controlled environment. Of course, only consider those you trust would be responsible and can respond quickly in case of unforeseen events like accidents. Aside from enjoying your high more while you spend time with your trip-sitter, they’ll also be able to guide you throughout the experience. Besides, they’re also ideal resources for recommendations for the most suitable strains for what you want.
  4. Check the nearest medical facilities in your immediate area. Focus on finding those that deal with accidents and medical emergencies involving cannabis and any other similar substance. Confirm if they have emergency responder units. Get their emergency contact details. Have them on speed dial. Also, give their contact details to your trip-sitter. This way, you’ll be prepared for the worst, though we aren’t saying that similar problems are common. They’re rarer than accidents and emergencies involving alcohol.
  5. Don’t operate any machine, equipment or tool that can pose a risk to yourself and others. Deaths and serious accidents associated with cannabis use are primarily vehicular. Next are accidents with tools like power saws and auto nail guns, among other similar equipment.
  6. Suppose you haven’t built any significant tolerance and familiarity with the effects of these strains and other cannabis-infused products. In that case, it’s ill-advised for you to take and mix other substances while high. For instance, you’re recommended to avoid drinking or ingesting any other intoxicating substance like alcohol, or even lots of coffee with high levels of caffeine, while high.
  7. Don’t use these strains in the presence of children, especially those who might accidentally or deliberately ingest those cannabis products. Plus, store your stash away somewhere where they won’t be able to find it.
  8. Before you buy the best strains for creativity in your shortlist, check the brand’s credibility. Also, do this for the stores and eCommerce shops you want to use. You can do this by confirming whether or not they currently have valid certifications, licenses and permits issued by Canadian national, federal and local governments. This way, you’re ensuring that you get safe, high-quality products that are manufactured and handled following a strict set of industry-standard compliance requirements.
  9. Look closer at reviews and ratings left by other Canadian cannabis lovers for the strains, brands, shops and eCommerce stores in your shortlist. Aside from getting a much better idea of the quality of these products and the credibility of those producers and stores, you’ll also get to know more about the positive and negative effects of each strain for those consumers. And because many cannabis lovers who post these reviews and ratings also often share their own experiences, you’ll be able to get more details to decide whether or not the strain best fits your expectations.
  10. Carefully observe the effects you feel after testing each of the best Sativa strains for creativity that you want. Also, keep in mind notable things about the current state of your body and mind. And, take note of the things that you enjoy doing while high. This data enables you to determine if a strain’s right for you correctly.


And that concludes our 2022 guide to the best Sativa strains for creativity in Canada. Just keep these things in mind, and you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and fun experience with your favorite strains and cannabis-infused products.

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