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BuyWeed247 vs

BuyWeed247 vs, BuyWeed247
BuyWeed247 vs, BuyWeed247

BuyWeed247 vs Product Selection

Both companies have a wide variety of amazing products for quality pricing.
offers a huge selection of strain and various other products. They have been in
the MOM industry for quite some time. With customer service being main priority, is different from any other mom.


BuyWeed247 doesn’t have the large wide variety of inventory but
has nailed the look and feel with the picture presentation. Buyweed247 product
selection is strategically picked and verified for quality assurance. 247 brings
in the very best for ounce variety in a bulk selection.

Now, let’s compare the prices at both dispensaries.

BuyWeed247 vs Prices

As every brand is competing for the best prices, Buyweed247 and
have done the best in bringing cheap and great quality cannabis to the consumers
of Canada. has one of the largest selections of Cannabis. They have spent a
lot of time trying and perfecting the inventory list of products brought in. Cheepweed
has a great selection of all sativas, Hybrids and indica.


These guys have been brining in some of the best cannabis consumers have
been asking for. With wide variety of strains such as award-winning Lindsay Og,
Pineapple express and many other strains available for bulk purchases. These
guys specialise in bulk cannabis sales and also tailor to single ounce and
consumer orders. These guys have taken the cake of what it is to be a quality

BuyWeed247 vs Shipping

BuyWeed247 sends all their packages via Canada’s Xpresspost. They offer free
shipping on all their orders; technically, you have to buy weed for, at least,
$150 to get your package shipped without the fee, but since orders start at 1
ounce, it’s impossible not to breach that threshold. BuyWeed247 secures all
transaction information on their servers, so your purchases are kept low-key.

At, free shipping starts at $199.99 You can choose your
delivery options, Canada Post XpressPost (1-3 days).

Recently, experience issues with packages coming to customers
empty, thus sparking a huge debate on popular subreddit r/canadianmoms. They have
recently reached out to customers and have started the right track in replacing
orders seized and or contents stolen from the box from Canada post staff. is on the right track to once again being Canadians premier
cannabis leader.

BuyWeed247 vs User Experience

Let’s start with this time. If you’re a recreational marijuana
user, then we have great news for you…  you are approved. You must be 19+
for both companies. If you are not a member, you can register and the guys at
will help you get set up.

Hopefully, all recreational users can count on BuyWeed247. Their website is
very neat, transparent, and above all, doesn’t distinguish between medical and
marijuana users. Of course, they have discounts for veterans and they also
stress the importance of medical marijuana, but nobody tells you to create an
account in order to buy something from them, let alone compare the prices of
weed with different dispensaries.

BuyWeed247 also educates cannabis users about the plant on their blog
section. They regularly add valuable content, such as articles about the health
benefits of weed, news regarding marijuana, strain reviews, and much, much

BuyWeed247 vs Summary

In this clash, the victory goes to BuyWeed247. Their product selection,
awesome prices and sales deals, along with their openness to both recreational
and medical marijuana users make this dispensary superior to in
our opinion. Don’t get us wrong, has some top-notch buds in stock
and MMJ patients will be delighted about their assortment. We think
is great, you guys let us know!

Time will tell.



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