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BuyWeed247 vs OCS, BuyWeed247


The series continues with todays comparison of Buyweed247 Versus Ontario Cannabis Store in the online Cannabis retailer. We compare two of Canada’s biggest Cannabis online retailers. Let’s see how they compare….

BuyWeed247 vs Ontario Cannabis Store: Product Selection

Ontario Cannabis Store: Ontario Cannabis Store has a wide variety of different recreational items. The vast selection is great for Canadian cannabis lovers across this nation who love safe and reliable cannabis. They carry a wide Varity of flowers, concentrates, new stocked edibles and many other products containing cannabis. With a huge selection comes easy navigation and pictures for proper representation. The OCS have done a great job in displaying the products true look. They have a unique style and layout of the photography. The hardest part is finding what to buy.

Ontario Cannabis Store product selection is: 8 STAR SELECTION

BuyWeed247: BuyWeed247 product selection is a growing list that keeps on getting better. With the competition of all the online and brick and mortar cannabis dispensaries, the prices have been very competitive. Buyweed247 has done an outstanding job making sure that they stay ahead of the market with quality products at a quality cost. The product selection has everything in comparison to the OCS website. When you first get onto the site, you are greeted with a very nice and sleek layout that allows you to navigate the product selection very easily.

BuyWeed247 vs Ontario Cannabis Store: Prices

Ontario Cannabis Store: Prices is a huge thing when it comes to being successful in any business, but Ontario Cannabis Store has set the benchmark for great value. As Canadians search for the best priced cannabis, they may not always find the best quality. Ontario Cannabis Store takes away both those worries with amazing prices and even better quality. The benchmark for what an online dispensary is very close to what these brands showcase.

Buyweed247: Pricing with these guys is no comparison. BuyWeed247 has done an amazing job on being the leading providers in quality pricing for Cannabis across the site. The various strains range from a high-end price of $180 MAX and a low price point of those $99 Ounces.

BuyWeed247 vs Ontario Cannabis Store: Shipping

Ontario Cannabis Store: Like every mom across Canada, shipping is the very crucial part of ordering inline cannabis. Ontario Cannabis Store has many amazing shipping processes created to make sure your package is delivered with care. They say to place your order before 9 AM PST and we will ship your order same day! Make sure to pay early to ensure that your payment is processed before 10AM. Canada Post operates Monday to Friday only, so we do not ship packages out on the weekend. Feel free to make an order and pay as we will still be processing orders through the weekend.

BuyWeed247: When it comes to shipping, BuyWeed247 make it just as easy of Ontario Cannabis Store. Using Canada post as the main shipping method, Canadians more inclined to feel safe with the trusted Canada Post. They charge a flat fee of 15$ or free shipping over 150$. Canada post express post allows customer to get there order within 2-3 business days.

BuyWeed247 vs Ontario Cannabis Store: User Experience

BuyWeed247: The user experience at Buyweed247 is amazing with there customer service team ready to answer and support any questions you may have. These guys have done there very best in setting themselves apart from the rest and have done just that. The user experience is easy to use, simple layout with quality photos to showcase your cannabis choices.

BuyWeed247 vs Ontario Cannabis Store: Summary

In the end, Buyweed247 is the right choice for Canadian consumers and the standout choice for customer service and over all quality product.

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2 thoughts on “BuyWeed247 vs OCS

  1. munroechristian961 says:

    Love you guys truly always get what I want and withing 3-4 days max.. Considering were in a pandemic it’s been a great way to safe money safe the hassle of going to competitors. Did I mention how you safe money that something I realized withing 2 orders. Tbh the first order if I went elsewhere it would of been at least double. THERE IS NO COMPARISON THEN WHAT YOU ARE USE TOO. Also customer service great any mishaps or questions they have your back within a short time frame too. Really glad I decided to go with buyweed247. I saw a few sites saying they were not reliable or they didn’t get there product and they were trying to really shame. Well I’m hear to attest ordered twice and got my product within one month. I also contacted for questions and had a reply back within that hour. Will be ordering again and so will my close friends who is requiring these products. 5 Star

  2. crazzy2.rj says:

    Hello ever since I been on this site from the others magnificent wish you were closer to Nova Scotia Canada I be a happy camper every week I ask a question and you guys answer right away and help me choose what ask for keep up the good work

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