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Can You Mix Shrooms and Alcohol?

Can You Mix Shrooms and Alcohol?, BuyWeed247

Can you take mushrooms and alcohol in one sitting? What sort of stuff should you expect when you have a drink or two while tripping on shrooms? Or are there dangers of mixing shrooms and alcohol? Let us help you answer these questions through scientific facts, results of recent research studies, and other Canadians with experience in doing this say. Read on and learn everything you want to know about the effects of mixing mushrooms and alcohol.


What Are Mushrooms?

Without clearly defined terms, a guide about shrooms and alcohol won’t be complete. So let’s start with knowing what these mushrooms are, what they can do to you, and how they’re taken by lovers of psychedelics in Canada today.


The Canadian government categorizes these shrooms under a class of organic psychedelics. That means these are naturally occurring substances in the environment with psychoactive effects known to usually cause hallucinations, euphoric episodes, intense concentration, creative inspiration and similar other effects.


The potent compounds in this family of mushrooms are psilocybin and psilocin. When writing, these substances have been decriminalized, legalized and regulated by the Canadian government only for medical and therapeutic research purposes across local professional and academic settings. And at the moment, the approved test application for these substances is to find out if they can be used to effectively treat depression, anxiety and a variety of hard to overcome addictions.


However, local stores and eCommerce shops can sell and stock what are called shroom kits. These grow kits with spores of this family of mushrooms, among other things that can help you grow your herbs. And, here’s a quick, simple-to-follow guide on where to find mushrooms in Canada today.


Well, we’ll skip defining alcohol for now. After all, we bet you already know that we’re referring to hard liquor and beer in this context. Unless, of course, you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades and haven’t viewed any content originating from the last several centuries.


How Are Psychedelic Mushrooms Used?

There’s a range of popular methods to consume mushrooms. Some prefer to eat dried shrooms as is. Others use it to spice up their favourite culinary recipes and snacks. A few enjoy going through the process of preparing it as a jam for bread and other types of food. And here’s our newest selection of the top mushroom edibles in Canada this year.


Meanwhile, some Canadians we interviewed say they prefer crushing dried shrooms to sprinkle it on their cigarettes. After all, smoking dried shrooms is a well-known method for taking in the psychoactive compounds of this herb. It’s also known to be odorless and tasteless.


What Are the Effects of Mixing Shrooms and Alcohol?

To answer this question, let’s first go through a quick checklist of the effects of alcohol. It can make you feel dizzy, nauseous and dehydrated. It slows down the functions of your internal organs and the other natural systems of your body. It also loosens up your inhibitions and can sometimes cause bouts of short-term memory loss, depending on the amount consumed and the speed of consumption, among other factors like your tolerance, body weight and so on. Plus, many of its effects are primarily based on unique, complex conditional situations, such as the other stuff you’ve drunk and eaten over the past few hours, current and previous medical ailments, fatigue and stress levels, etc.


And at this point, let’s quickly run through the most common effects of psychedelic mushrooms. We based this quick shortlist on the experience of the many Canadians we’ve interviewed throughout the past few years. It causes mild to moderate hallucinations. But this can sometimes ramp up to intense levels, depending on the individual’s current state of mind, physical condition and other health-related stuff. It’s also known to cause bouts of vomiting, nausea, giddiness, mild anxiety and paranoia, among a few other similar effects. But it’s also known to cause short-term memory loss, intense focus and concentration, bouts of creative inspiration and motivation.


So by combining these effects of mushrooms and alcohol, we can draw a list of certain risks of drinking alcohol on shrooms. So let’s discuss each of these in more detail below.


Dangers of Mixing Shrooms and Alcohol

  1. Some of the Canadians we talked to say they experienced more vivid hallucinations. But they also kept on forgetting that what their senses were communicating to their minds wasn’t real. So the former can be attributed to common effects while tripping on shrooms. Meanwhile, the latter is what alcohol contributes to the mix. Please think of this as a dream state where many of us might not have complete control over the stuff we decide to do in a similar state of mind. With this, always remember that this behaviour poses a serious risk to yourself and especially to others around you.
  2. Considering the general boldness and risky behaviour that many of us sometimes find ourselves in while under the influence of alcohol, some psychedelic lovers across Canada with experience in mixing mushrooms with alcohol say they often regret the stuff they’ve said and done during these episodes. Others say they often feel depressed once their trip subsides, especially during the crashing phase. There isn’t any conclusive data to corroborate this. Still, it’s reasonable to assume that this might lead to suicidal tendencies, depending on the gravity of an individual’s activities during these episodes, combined with the same person’s state of mind during and after the crashing phase.
  3. Extensive dehydration also poses a severe risk when drinking alcohol in shrooms. Remember, both hallucinogens and alcohol need to tap your body’s stored energy resources to fuel the trip. Plus, your body works double-time to try and flush out the toxins from these substances. This means more of your body’s stored water resources are used up for this purpose. Add that up to the natural dehydrating characteristics of alcohol. So this is a disaster waiting to happen, especially if you aren’t in a healthy state before you start mixing shrooms with alcohol.
  4. As alcohol slows down our breathing, pulse and heart rate, there’s almost always the danger of a heart attack or stroke that’s waiting to happen. And factoring in the high likelihood of dozing off to deep sleep without even knowing about it while drinking or when tripping on shrooms (especially during the psychedelic episode’s crashing phase), then again, there’s a severe risk of not knowing what’s already happening to our body and internal organic systems.
  5. In a constantly looping state of forgetfulness, which often happens when consuming large volumes of alcohol and shrooms, there’s always the danger of not being mindful enough to avoid operating machines like cars, among other mechanical and electrical equipment. Of course, we don’t have to list here the severe problems that can happen in these situations to yourself and the people around you.


Important Reminders When Taking Mushrooms

Now in this mushrooms and alcohol guide, let’s go through a quick checklist of the what-to-dos and what-not-to when taking shrooms. Afterwards, we’ll move on to a similar checklist of reminders when drinking alcohol. This way, you’ll be able to draw correlations regarding the most important stuff to keep in mind while on a psychedelic trip or an alcohol binge. In turn, this can convince you whether it is okay to drink in shrooms or otherwise.


  1. If it’s your first time, you should start with a tiny number of shrooms. And even if you’re a veteran psychedelic tripper and have loads of experience taking mushrooms, you’re still recommended to do this if you’re testing a method of taking shrooms that’s unfamiliar to you. Also, remember to do this whenever you decide to try out shrooms grown by others using their kits.
  2. Take note of the effects that you start to feel right after taking shrooms. Remember its positive and negative effects on your body and mind. If it’s your first time, that’ll allow you to decide if it sits well with you or if you want something different, such as the body and mind high of CBD products and others. But if you already have experience tripping on shrooms, you’re still advised to do this. That’s because you’ll be able to determine if there are specific changes to your episodes, including the more subtle ones. Remember, mild to moderate changes to your physiological condition or current state of mind can also alter the effects of mushrooms and other psychedelics. So what this means is it’s always best to keep track of this stuff before, during and after tripping on mushrooms.
  3. For both first-timers and seasoned consumers, you’re recommended to ask a good friend with experience in using mushrooms to assist you through your psychedelic episodes. It’s always good for your trip-sitter to remain sober while you’re on a trip. This way, your friend can stay sharp and quickly respond to emergencies any time unforeseen incidents happen.
  4. Deciding to gradually increase the number of shrooms you take in one sitting requires self-control. Don’t overdo this, even if you think that you’re already familiar with its effects. Again, move up by small incremental amounts. Avoid jumping straight, for example, from a few pieces of dried mushrooms to half a handful or so.
  5. Never drive and operate any mechanical or electrical equipment while tripping on shrooms. Avoid handling things that can be dangerous to yourself and others. This includes any vehicle (even small scooters and the like), electric saws, skateboards, rollerblades, bikes, automatic nailing tools and so on.


Useful Tips When on an Alcohol Binge

Now we move on to a few helpful reminders when binging on alcohol. Take note of the similarities between these reminders and the ones for shrooms outlined earlier. Keep in mind that the most obvious risks of drinking alcohol in shrooms are based on how each substance’s effects can be amplified when combined with the other.


  1. It’s always advisable to have enough food before and while drinking alcohol. Remember, your body uses up your stored energy resources to process alcohol as you drink, flush out associated toxins, and fuel up your trips. So by doing this, your body’s internal systems are kept sharp and always prepared to do these things for you.
  2. If it’s your first time, or if your most recent alcohol binge was, say, a few months ago, then you should start with a small amount. Also, keep in mind to note how you pace yourself as you drink your favourite brand. That’s because downing little quickly would produce similar effects as drinking more across a longer timeframe.
  3. Consider your body weight, current physical condition and state of mind before deciding how much to drink over a certain period. Also, factor in any relevant medical condition that you might have.
  4. Always keep in mind to drink plenty of water before, during and after you go on an alcohol binge. We’re sure you know that dehydration is among the most potent effects of alcohol. So if you neutralize this effect by drinking enough water, you’re also effectively reducing the likelihood of suffering from dehydration while on a drinking binge.
  5. Don’t overdo this, as alcohol binges have been known to suddenly spike up in regularity quickly until it leads to alcoholism without you knowing it. What’s commonly advised is to have small amounts regularly, like a couple of beers or a few shots of hard liquor if that’s what you want as your end-of-the-day relaxation activity. On the other hand, carefully measured binges are recommended to be done much less frequently, no matter how careful you are in balancing the amount of alcohol you drink even over a long period.


Is It Okay to Drink on Shrooms?

So at this point in this mushrooms and alcohol guide, it’s time to revert to this question. After the stuff we outlined earlier, wouldn’t it be safer if you avoid drinking in shrooms? After all, you’ll be able to prevent the risks and dangers of mixing shrooms and alcohol that we described earlier in detail.


Plus, try to weigh the risks and effects of mixing mushrooms and alcohol in one sitting. Don’t these risks to yourself and others around you, plus both the possible short and long-term adverse effects to your body and mind, far outweigh the benefits? Think about this before deciding to mix shrooms and alcohol. We believe you’ll be able to successfully mitigate these risks and significantly increase the likelihood of altogether avoiding any of the dangers discussed earlier in this mushrooms and alcohol guide.


Safety Measures When Taking Psychedelic Mushrooms

Of course, a shrooms and alcohol guide won’t be able to offer good value without a checklist of steps and measures to safeguard your physical and mental health as well as others around you. The things below can help you prepare against unforeseen problems, accidents and other issues that are known to happen time and again, even in highly controlled settings. So let’s start!


  • Consult your physician and ask whether it’s safe for you to try psychedelic mushrooms (if it’s your first time) or to continue using them (if you had it in the past already). Keep in mind some individuals have allergic reactions to certain types of food and substances. And the severity of these reactions depends on a person’s medical history, genealogical makeup, the current and recent state of physical health and mind, among other existing physiological conditions. But you’re advised to consult a medical professional with significant knowledge and experience in related fields.
  • Always keep the updated contact details handy of the nearest medical facilities and emergency responder centers in the area where you decide to go tripping on mushrooms. Choose those specializing in similar emergencies that can happen when taking psychedelics, hallucinogens and the like.
  • Continue with your regular medical check-ups, especially if you decide to regularly take these psychedelic shrooms or even if you use them at a frequent interval. Keep in mind that your physiological health changes with time, with or without using other substances.
  • As mentioned earlier, ask a trip-sitter to assist you. This is recommended even if you already have lots of experience taking mushrooms. You never know when accidents and other unforeseen problems happen. And it’s best to have someone with you, preferably a person with relevant medical expertise or at least sober and prepared enough to perform first aid and quickly contact local emergency responders.


Precautionary Steps Before Going on an Alcohol Binge

To conclude this mushrooms and alcohol guide, let’s talk about similar steps to prepare for your safety and well-being before deciding to go on a seasonal alcohol binge. Yes, we said “seasonal” because that would be our limit for these binges since we’re very much aware of the risks of developing alcohol addiction when this is done at more frequent intervals. And here goes:


  • Make sure that the current state of your body and mind is resilient against the risks involved when going on these alcohol binges, as described earlier. To be sure, consult your doctor regarding this. You’re also recommended to ask them about the amount of alcohol, and intake frequency is commonly known not to have a negative impact on individuals who share certain similarities to your overall physical and mental health.
  • Keep in mind that alcohol overdose is a reality, and it, unfortunately, happens to a surprising number of Canadians each year. So it’s always best to know your limits before going on an alcohol binge or before using any substance, for that matter, and to also know when and for how long to stop if you’ve had enough.
  • Keep in mind that suffocating on your vomit while sleeping isn’t unheard of and is, in fact, the known cause of death of Jimi Hendrix, a popular musician in the 70s. So again, you’re advised to have someone sober with you before, during and after consuming alcohol, especially if you decide to drink more than usual.
  • Also, have a ride with a sober driver ready if you decide to drink at a bar or anywhere outdoors. There’s no excuse for driving under the influence. You aren’t just a risk to yourself when you do this. Deaths caused by drunk drivers in Canada are unfortunate statistics today. And you’re also recommended to avoid driving when you’re tripping on shrooms or any other substance with psychoactive compounds that can impair your judgement and negatively affect your sensory-motor skills.
  • As mentioned earlier, avoid going on these alcohol binges regularly that might lead to alcoholism. This is where your awareness of your self-control comes in. The rule of thumb that many Canadians we interviewed through the years is, always know your limits, and your regular dose should at max be half of that.


We hope the stuff in this mushrooms and alcohol guide can help you enjoy tripping on shrooms and having your end-of-the-day drinks more. So is it okay to drink in shrooms? Our answer, carefully considering all the discussions in this guide, is no, we don’t recommend doing this. And of course, we hope our tips and recommendations can assist you in entirely avoiding any of these risks and dangers of mixing shrooms and alcohol.

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