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Do Shrooms Expire?

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Shrooms are another name for magic mushrooms that are quite popular today. They contain psilocybin which is a psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound. In other words, the substance can trigger euphoric feelings and may also provide therapeutic benefits. Many people knew that already. But something that’s not widely discussed for consumer awareness is whether this recreational and medicinal plant has an expiration date of its own. When is the best time to consume this product, and when is it no longer safe? If that leaves you clueless, you must dig deeper into this crucial aspect of shroom consumption. 


We’re selling magic mushroom products on our online store. You may also read informative content such as “Where to Find Mushroom Edibles in Vancouver,” which can serve as your guide when looking for the right product from a reputable provider. Since it’s a significant purchase that can also affect your health and experience with shrooms, you should necessarily conduct your research. In this article, we will answer whether shrooms do expire and walk you through other relevant information. 


Magic Mushrooms in a Broader Sense 

This type of mushroom contains psychoactive drugs called psilocybin or psilocin, which can trigger hallucinations. You can consume the substance in fresh or dried form or opt for capsules for quick administration. Interestingly, several ways to consume this product include mixing shrooms into foods and drinks. The only exceptions are smoking, and injections as magic mushrooms can never be injected into your bloodstream. 


For thousands of years, many people have enjoyed the psychoactive and therapeutic effects of magic mushrooms. Over 200 species of this plant exist, but not all of them are safe for consumption. Some variants are poisonous, so it’s crucial to look for a trusted provider if you’re considering this supplement. If you go hunting in the wild, beware of picking the wrong plant because that might expose you to a real danger. 


Given the threat of poisonous mushrooms and improper use of some products, specific regulations are imposed over the production, sale, and consumption of this item. If you don’t have a license from Health Canada, you might face incarceration for violating the law. Both psilocybin and psilocin are controlled substances since they deliver similar effects as LSD. When you eat these compounds for the first time, you will experience an altered state of consciousness which can kick around 15 to 45 minutes and last for six hours. 

When it comes to the potency of magic mushrooms, it varies depending on the level of the active ingredients. Each strain of the products contains varying amounts of psilocybin and psilocin, so the experience is not the same in all cases. As a consumer, you should learn about the nature of mushrooms you are buying, especially their effects on your mind and body. Keep in mind that the effects of the substance would primarily depend on the variety of shrooms and the dosage you take. 


Key Factors in the Effects of Magic Mushrooms 

There are short-term and long-term effects that magic mushrooms could produce depending on several factors at play. More likely, your experience with the product would be influenced by the following: 

  • Your age and weight
  • Dosage of the shrooms
  • Previous drug use
  • The foods you have eaten
  • Your expectations and personality
  • The place where you consume the product


Potential Health Benefits of Magic Shrooms 

Some trusted sources say that consuming magic mushrooms may offer medicinal benefits for certain conditions, such as depression, smoking cessation and other addictions, anxiety, and cancer-related psychological distress. But as of this time, there are still no approved therapeutic products that contain psilocybin. There is ongoing research about the potential health benefits of the substance, especially as a treatment of a range of diseases. 


Before you take magic mushroom products as an alternative drug, it’s essential to consult your health provider first. It would be best to get medical advice on whether consuming the product is suitable for your condition. Once you get an assessment and recommendation, you can make an appropriate decision. Health Canada encourages everyone to seek professional help before consuming any psychoactive drug to ensure safe administration. 


Possible Downsides of Magic Mushrooms 

Taking magic mushrooms can change how you smell, see, taste, hear, and touch. In some instances, you might feel very heavy or very light. The effects vary among users, but some magical or religious experience characterizes it. Some manifestations that the substance is already affecting your system include:

  • Feeling dizzy or light-headed 
  • Having a faster heart rate
  • Feeling anxious 
  • Having a high blood pressure
  • Shivering and having chills
  • Having a numb tongue and mouth 
  • Having an upset stomach 


Onset Time and Duration of Effects 

When you consume magic mushrooms, you can expect to feel the effects within 30 minutes, and it will last between 3 to 6 hours. The peak time is during the first 3 to 4 hours after ingestion. Sometimes the effects of the psychoactive compounds can be overwhelming and scary. This is also called a bad trip which certain factors may trigger. 

Bad trips can happen when you over consume the magic mushrooms or when the substance exceeds your tolerance level. It’s typically because people tend to overindulge the product – they don’t wait long enough before taking the next bite of edibles. The most common manifestations of bad trips include uneasy hallucinations, uncontrollable paranoia, and reckless behavior. If you want to avoid these adverse effects, you must determine your proper dosage and stick with that. But if you’re already experiencing bad trips, stay calm and remind yourself that it is only temporary.


How Long Shrooms Stay in Your System 

In most cases, shrooms stay in the human body within 15 to 24 hours. Our system metabolizes the substance quickly but can show up in saliva or blood tests unless conducted within a few hours of ingestion. Interestingly, routine drug tests can’t detect psilocybin, except other specialized tests. 


Urine testing is the most common type of drug test, and the shrooms are usually eliminated within 24 hours. So the substance may not show up at all, even on a 5-panel test. For some users, a trace amount of psychoactive compounds might be detected for up to one week. When hair follicle tests are used, magic mushrooms may be detected for up to 90 days, but this kind of testing is much more expensive. 


Who Shouldn’t Consume Magic Mushrooms? 

Magic mushrooms are not for everyone. The psychoactive compounds that they contain may be harmful to specific individuals. If you’re pregnant, you should not take this product as it can affect your baby. It is also not recommended for people to take other drugs or alcohol, increasing the risk for other health problems. Consult your doctor before taking any drugs that might affect your medical condition to be safe. 


Consuming Shrooms in the Long Run 

The question is whether you can develop a tolerance or get addicted to magic mushrooms. Scientifically, yes. You can build up a tolerance after using shrooms every day for 3 or 4 consecutive days. Once it happens, you will have to take more of the substance to achieve the desired psychoactive effects. When you take the drug even longer, it’s possible to develop a complete tolerance. 

If you become mentally dependent on the way mushrooms make you feel due to regular use, you might develop some personal issues. Some drawbacks that you have to watch out for are choosing the psychoactive drug over your family or friends and continuing it despite poor performance at work or school. This can cause financial, spiritual, and legal problems in the long run. So it would be best if you kept yourself in check as you indulge in this lifestyle. 


Do Magic Mushrooms Expire? 

Many people who enjoy the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms still patronize the product. This trend continues up to this day, where shrooms have become increasingly popular for individuals seeking personal pleasure and relief from certain medical conditions, such as depression and anxiety. You might be wondering whether shrooms have their expiration date, too. 


Like other plants of their kind, magic mushrooms can also go bad. Fresh mushrooms typically last 7-10 days if you store them properly in Tupperware or paper bags in the refrigerator. Drying or freezing these goods will substantially increase their shelf life. As such, the storage method would largely determine the length of shrooms’ shelf life and the viability of the psychoactive compounds. 


When you purchase fresh mushrooms, the best time to consume them is within a week. The longevity of this product would depend on its freshness at the time of purchase and vitality from when it was harvested. Another factor affecting the shelf life is how the shrooms were treated and transported. If you provide enough care for these goods, you can expect them to last for even two weeks.


Why Opt for Fresh Mushrooms? 

Users widely prefer fresh mushrooms due to their pleasant taste. New variants taste much more like ordinary edibles than dried mushrooms, with a bitter flavor and harsh texture when consumed. They usually contain 90% water that helps mask the bitter undertones. It also guarantees that the potency of psychoactive compounds is preserved, especially that the product goes through subsequent drying and storing methods. 


Drying is resorted by consumers to achieve a longer shelf life of magic mushrooms, but keeping them fresh if you want to eat them within the next two weeks is recommended. If you decide to dry mushrooms, several active compounds will become less potent as they oxidize during the drying process. 

Opting for fresh shrooms assures you of having a better visual experience due to the higher potency of the compounds. It also lets you have a pleasant taste of the product, which cannot be acquired if you otherwise choose dried shrooms. But still, it comes down to your personal preference as to which shroom variety is more suitable for your needs. 


Proper Mushroom Storage Techniques 

Since the shelf life of magic mushrooms depends on the storage method you choose, you should essentially be particular about that. When you keep a fresh mushroom at room temperature, expect it to start rotting within a day or two. But a dried mushroom stored in an airtight container may last for years. There are two standard storage methods for fresh mushrooms: Tupperware and paper bags. 


If you use Tupperware to store mushrooms, make sure to roll the paper towel so that the edibles are not exposed to certain elements. The towel helps absorb any additional moisture from the fridge or a chosen storage area. Alternatively, you can utilize paper bags to keep your mushrooms and achieve the same effect. You may also store your shrooms using food vacuum packers to keep the materials fresh without being dried. This will also reduce the risk of oxidation and allow mushrooms to stay potent for a more extended period or extend their shelf life up to three months.


When are Mushrooms Not Safe to Consume? 

You might assume that fresh mushrooms are no longer safe to consume beyond two weeks. Logically, that’s true if the edibles have already turned dark brown or black or have grown any mold. The signs of a shroom having turned bad are when it doesn’t smell like mushrooms already and when it gives off a sweet odor. In that case, the material should be thrown immediately. 


  Even if the mushroom still contains active psilocybin, the product won’t give you a pleasant experience once it develops fungal rot that could potentially harm your health. To keep mushrooms safe and potent for consumption, you should necessarily use proper storage techniques after a dying process. 


The Bottom Line! 

Shrooms can go bad as with other products. As a result, they may cause an unpleasant experience and some health problems when consumed. The best time to use these psychedelic drugs is one to two weeks for fresh materials. If you want to extend their shelf life, choose the best storage method. 

Drying shrooms is the typical option if you want to use them for longer than two weeks. Still, keep in mind that you may still experience bad trips due to overdosing or improper administration, even if you use fresh magic mushrooms. Always stick within your tolerance level to enjoy a desirable experience. 


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