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Tips to Use Weed and Concentrate For Best Results

You may be fortunate to get a good quality weed or concentrate, especially when you are buying from a reputable online marijuana dispensary like BuyWeed247. But getting the best results from these products depends on how you use them.

BuyWeed247 is the best online marijuana dispensary in Canada and you can be confident of getting the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices through our mail-order marijuana. We’re concerned about all our customers and we offer useful tips, including cannabis concentrate guides to help consumers get the best result.

So if you’re looking for the best ways to consume marijuana, here are some useful tips to help you get the best from dabbing concentrates or smoking weed:

Use a Good-Quality Device

There’s nothing as heart-breaking as buying a high-quality cannabis concentrate and packing it into a vaporizer only to inhale a metallic and harsh vapor.

To get smooth, flavorful, and convenient hits in all your dabbing or vaping sessions, you need to get a good quality dab rig or vaporizer.

BuyWeed247 has the best-quality vaporizer and dabbing kits and accessories you can find online in Canada. We offer fast shipping to mail these devices to your doorstep, no matter where you live in Canada.

Don’t Overheat the Dabbing Rig Nail

Another mistake people make when dabbing cannabis concentrates is heating the nail of their dab rig too hot. This could burn off the THC in the concentrate even before you smoke it, and when this happens, all you have left is harsh smoke.

Instead, after heating your dab rig’s nail with the torch, allow it to cool a little before dabbing on your concentrates.

Learn to Inhale Correctly

There is a difference between smoking and inhaling a dab. Yes, the concentrated vapor of a dab is far more potent. So you need to learn to inhale as slowly as possible. Doing it too fast puts you at risk of coughing.

Here’s a trick – As you inhale, you can imagine the vapor filling all the way to the base of your rib cage. You can top off your hit with a little air to be sure all the vapor is in your lungs. Then, hold for 3-4 seconds, and release the vapor. That’s what the pros do!

Clean Your Dabbing Rig Regularly

Every time you dab, resins get deposited on the inside of the rig. This sticky substance, also called reclaim, clogs the airway of your rig over time. It’s just like cholesterol in your artery.

And when there’s poor airflow in a dabbing rig, it weakens the hit you get. Worst part is that when you can’t pull the full hit through, the vapor gets attached to the already-formed reclaim to worsen the mess.

Always note that the dropdown attachment of a dabbing rig is more prone to storing dirt. So from time to time, after three to four dabbing sessions, always remove the piece and heat it gently. By doing this, you warm any possible reclaim, and it tends to fall out.

Store your Weed and Concentrates Properly

It’s not just about smoking weed or dabbing concentrates, are you storing your flowers or concentrates the right way? This may seem like a no-brainer, but storing weed or concentrates properly has a huge influence on the result you get.

Allowing your weed to sit out or not keeping them in an airtight sealed jar causes the flower to dry out. And when your cannabis is too dry, it burns faster and your fire won’t last long. Besides, when your weed is too dry, they tend to lose flavor, smell and potency over time.

Hence, if you want the best result, you may consider storing your weed in an airtight, sealed jar.

If you’re using concentrates, there are different approaches to store them, but the best approach depends on how long you intend to store the concentrate, the concentrate type, personal preference, and concentrate amount.

Look for Cool Deals from a Reputable Online Dispensary

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In conclusion, several factors influence the result you get from weed or concentrates. Sticking to the tips highlighted above is a good way to help you get value for every dollar you invest in a cannabis product. 

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