What Is Kief And How To Use It 

What Is Kief And How To Use It , BuyWeed247

Call it keef, dust, or Chief, one striking feature of kief is the intense “high” that comes with ingesting or smoking this potent cannabis form. 

Many cannabis enthusiasts collect their Kief in different forms. However, only a handful of stoners use it in different ways that it can be used. 

Well if you are still trying to figure out what essentially is this powerful form of cannabis, and whether to buy Kief online, let’s go into a bit of detail. 


What is kief? 

Kief is a highly concentrated form of cannabis. It is created by removing the trichomes from the cannabis flower. The cannabis plant is typically covered in trichomes that contain THC, CBD, terpenes, and other compounds. 

Trichomes have a lustrous appearance with crystal-like balls sprouting on the cannabis plant leaves. These crystals contain higher amounts of cannabinoids than any other part of the cannabis plant. 

Trichomes become kief when they dry and fall off the plant. Kief is typically darker than trichomes and exists in several colors, from gold to dark brown.

 It is a powdery, slightly sticky substance but not as much as trichomes on a bud. The powder is used to break down cannabis into small pieces for rolling or packing bowls. 


How to Use Kief

You can explore the different ways to extract Kief that suits you. But how about using it? Let’s take a look at some best kief tips you could use. 


Spray kief on a bowl of cannabis 

If you want to increase the potency of any bowl, you can try sprinkling kief onto a bowl of cannabis. 

To get the most out of a kief topped bowl, corner your hits, which would require you to burn a small quadrant of the bowl rather than the entire thing allowing you to enjoy more hits. 


Smoking kief in a joint 

You can choose to go for this more popular method, which is smoking kief in a joint. The only problem with this method is that kief can be quite messy due to its powdery form. 

But if you are keen on trying this out, I suggest you mix it with buds to enhance your experience. 


Create a hash from kief 

If you want to try something quite different, how about pressing your kief into a hash? Yes, you can create a sort of hash brick with your kief. With parchment paper and a hair straightener or iron, you can make hash from kief and enjoy a satisfying smoke. 


Smoke kief in a pipe 

More interestingly, you could explore the option of smoking kief in a pipe. However, you must be cautious of your dosage since it is much more powerful than your buds. The good thing with smoking kief in a pipe is that it burns through, allowing you to have delightful smoke. 


Prepare moon rocks 

In addition to the variety of ways to use kief is making moon rocks. Moon rocks are nugs coated in hash oil and rolled in kief. 


Bottom Line 

There are several exciting ways to enjoy kief. Whichever method you choose, be rest assured that you would relish every moment with this potent cannabis form. Check out our store to buy kief online and enjoy great quality for your money. 


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