BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo, BuyWeed247


Choosing a MOM can be difficult in a market of over 2000 online services. How do you choose what’s right for you? is it safe? Yes, the two brands in todays article are not only safe but we will break down the best of the best… Buyweed247 Versus Cannabismo.

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo: Product Selection


Both companies seem to have a huge following with dye hard cannabis connoisseurs for the quality of cannabis stocked on the site. Cannabismo has been around for a few years being one of the originals in the online cannabis market. The stock up on very high, very potent indicas, hybrids and look out for the best sativas possible. The selection is compared to BuyWeed247 in the sense that they both pack quality product with quality prices.


Buyweed247 has an amazing selection of premier flower selections. They have brought in a wide variety of new products as they continue to corner the market with new deals such as newly launched “Gold Standard” program.

Now, let’s compare the prices at both dispensaries.

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo: Prices

With pricing being on the mind of the Canadian consumers, both companies leave candians feeling easy about the purchase and price selection of cannabis and cannabis related products. Cannabismo has very competitive pricing and an amazing points program. Buyweed247 is similar in many ways providing the best selection on edibles, Gold standard Flower, concentrates and so much more.

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo: Shipping

BuyWeed247 sends all their packages via Canada’s Xpresspost. They offer free shipping on all their orders; technically, you have to buy weed for, at least, $150 to get your package shipped without the fee, but since orders start at 1 ounce, it’s impossible not to breach that threshold. BuyWeed247 secures all transaction information on their servers, so your purchases are kept low-key.

At Cannabismo, free shipping starts at $199.99 You can choose your delivery options, Canada Post XpressPost (1-3 days). Your transactions and personal data are protected and monitored by DMCA.

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo: User Experience

When it comes to a user experience, oth sites have been super friendly and allow the the consumer to navigate to any page easy. Both have easy cart options and evry easy to check out. They both have set up creative ways

BuyWeed247 also educates cannabis users about the plant on their blog section. They regularly add valuable content, such as articles about the health benefits of weed, news regarding marijuana, strain reviews, and much, much more.

BuyWeed247 vs Cannabismo: Summary

In the end, Buyweed247 is the right choice for Canadian consumers and the stand ut choice for customer service and over all quality product.

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