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How to make Shatter

How to make Shatter, BuyWeed247

Hey, what’s up everybody its kind love coming back at BuyWeed247 from behind the orange curtain. We figured out a better way to start the day than with nice little dab well guys. That was the last of my OG wax I made the other night stuff was fire finish it up quick. But see he has a matter wax I figured I might as well show you how to make some wax up BHO on your own. I got about mmm let’s say about maybe an ounce or so of some beautiful trim here from a recent harvest got the power 5 X can of butane for your extracting needs along with here the expert extractions extraction. I decided to go with the metal one over a glass one I’ve dropped things break things all the time same cost one’s breakable one. I probably won’t break figured that’s why I went that way so what we’re going to do we’re going to pack the tube we’re going to blow some butane through and then we show you the process to purge it on your own.

Short quick, easy help you make some great wax every time now understand this is my way on how to do it. I mean there are many different other ways, so you know to choose your take what you like don’t you know it is what it is but first things first you got to be safe, so you always blow your shit outdoors alright. So here it is our pack ready to go we got some that Pyrex dish up here ready to collect our oven to keep our hand nice and toasty because this thing will get cold from the beauty shaking it up. All right here we go with the hot-water bath all right so pretty much at this point after I’ve done loads blasting it I’ve given it a hot water bath. I’ve scraped everything up and gathered everything into the middle of my collection pan and then now I have it here sitting on my electric stove. It’s on low heat as you can see there and then it’s just going to sit here it’s going to help it purge a little bit more I’ll continue to whip it some as it sits there and it gets softer, and this will help get it to turn into that waxy texture that we all know and love mmm. Some stuff smells some dank laughter whip I’ll just let it sit for a little bit, and I’ll keep doing this here for a couple of minutes and then as the process progresses. Yeah, as the process progress is, I’ll slowly here, I’ll take my down from low, and I’ll turn it down to simmer. This temperature is probably a small, low heat and then I’ll finish it off that way, and then we’ll go from there, and I’ll show you I’ll come back and we’ll show you guys how to do it. They’re all right guys so what’s up, so we finished doing our water purge and our he purge we collected again script it back up, and we put it on some partnership parchment paper here’s what it looks like now at this point and then from here go it in the fridge freezer. I mean let it cool down let it set up and stabilize a little bit more, or you can go from here and take a DAB stuffs pretty sure it’s an excellent little shatter, so that’s let’s give it a try and see how it tastes Cheers not bad pretty tasty check you guys next time.

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