Buy Weed 247 vs. Cannablossom: What’s the best MOM in Canada?

Buy Weed 247 vs. Cannablossom: What’s the best MOM in Canada?, BuyWeed247

The recreational marijuana industry in Canada is booming, and the green revolution has only just begun. With new online dispensaries popping up every day to cater to a growing number of customers buying weed through Mail Order Marijuana websites such as Cannablossom and BuyWeed247. So today we’re going to compare BW247 to Cannablossom and see who ranks higher for the best MOM in Canada.

At BuyWeed247, offering a range of premium products is obviously a priority. From top-quality bud to potent magic mushrooms and everything in between, their goal is to provide customers with exactly what they’re looking for. There is no messing around, no crappy products, just good weed at a good price to keep their buyers happy.

Cannablossom vs BuyWeed247: Who Has the Best Selection?

Variety is undoubtedly the spice of life. Both BW247 and Cannablossom (CB) offer many different products but often at different levels of quality.


Looking through their flower selection, you’ll notice that most of the bud BW247 offers is AAA-rated or higher. While they do have a few choices of AA bud to cater to customers working with a smaller budget, you can tell that quality is important to these guys.

The concentrate selection at BW247 is staggering. There’s hash, kief, shatter, wax, live resin, diamonds, and more—and all in a bounty of choices of strains and flavours. They even offer Mix & Match for hash, allowing customers to try an array of products for a great price.

BW247 has recently added magic mushrooms to its repertoire. The HighQ capsules are renowned for a meticulous growth process and non-heated dehydration, which means all the potency is retained. Customer reviews are also favourable for the whole-mushroom selection.


A quick look at the Cannablossom bud selection shows that quality is not their top priority. Most of the herb they offer is AA or AAA. While triple-A is a respectable rating, AA bud is something most cannabis users wouldn’t bother to spend good money on.

Their concentrate section looks formidable, including a vast array of shatter. CB does offer quite a variety of vape pens (with 350+ options for strains and flavours), though some customers report having issues with the cartridges.

The mushroom selection at Cannablossom appears to be vast and diverse. However, many reviews online show that people are frequently disappointed with the potency (or lack thereof) of the products received from CB. 

Which Company Offers Better Deals?

Buy Weed 247 vs. Cannablossom: What’s the best MOM in Canada?, BuyWeed247

The selection at BuyWeed247 is always getting better.

For customers in general, but most especially for those shopping online, finding a deal is the name of the game. For some, it’s even a make-or-break for who they shop with. Here is a comparison of what each MOM company has to offer.


At BW247, they pride themselves in offering fresh, very high-quality bulk weed. Since they buy directly from the growers, they are able to sell excellent weed for a great price. Here is a more detailed piece on how they are able to do this.

BW247 also has an awesome $99 oz section. Most of the weed they offer there is AAA or more, making it a steal of a deal. 

One of the best things BW247 has going is their Mix & Match section. They offer one- and two-ounce mixes, as well as quarter- and one-pound options. All of the bud available for mixing is AAA – AAAA+ grade.


To compare directly to BW247, Cannablossom’s deals are pale. Their bud is all mid- to low-grade, their $99 oz are just trim/shake, and for prices much higher than BW247’s.

The mix and match options from Cannablossom are mostly AA-grade bud. Even for their AAAA option, they only have three strains to choose from. At that, the total for a quarter-pound mix and match from Cannablossom is well over $100 more than the same (but better) deal from BW247.

How About Customer Service? 

Even when prices are comparable, customer service plays a big role in an online shopping experience. Every company has it’s differences; here are a few between BW247 and Cannablossom.


First things first, on the BW247 site there is a chat bubble to connect to the company directly in real time. Someone is actually there to answer questions, which is handy when you’re trying to make a choice in the moment.

BW247 also offers free shipping on orders over $150. While this may not apply to someone going for, say, the $99 oz, it’s helpful for those looking to do bulk orders—which is, after all, BW247’s specialty.


On the CB site, there is also a chat bubble, but if you type in a question, they immediately say their chat is “offline” and ask for your email address. Again, this seems fishy, more like a way to weasel into your inbox than to actually connect to a curious customer.

Cannablossom Reviews: What Do Customers Think?  

Cannablossom has a definitive internet presence. Some people are happy with their service, but a deeper dig shows that many people have had issues with CB, particularly with shipping and refunds. Here are some direct customer quotes and points to consider when looking for the best MOM in Canada:

  • Flower: “Sent me tons of seeds in order. Would not post a truthful review that I submitted multiple times”
  • Mushrooms: “I ordered and received 7 grams. I took 1 gram the first time. Felt nothing. So I took 2 grams the second time. Felt nothing.
  • I let them know and their response was basically, sorry you felt nothing, when you place your next order we will add a mushroom of a different kind. That’s their solution?”
  • Security: “ […] AND if they are huge facebook advertisers odds are they are already on the RCMP’s radar and any potential package could be a risk to the receiver if the senders address is blacklisted

Final Thoughts BuyWeed247 is Better!

After a quick glance at a comparison of the two companies, it’s obvious that BW247 is the better of the two. With excellent prices on high-quality weed and a great variety of strains and products, BW247 would be the wiser choice over Cannablossom any day. So if you’re looking for the best MOM in Canada, BuyWeed247 is it.

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