It Pays to Buy In Bulk: How We Offer AAAA Bud, for Less

It Pays to Buy In Bulk: How We Offer AAAA Bud, for Less, BuyWeed247

Whether you’re an organized person who likes to stock up their larder or a penny-pincher looking to save money when you can, buying marijuana in bulk is the way to go.

Bulk weed is our specialty here at Buy Weed 247. Working directly with growers, we can order large quantities of weed for great prices and pass the savings onto our customers. That way, you can have all the bud you want, when you want it!

How Do We Do It?

In our quest to bring top-quality bud to you for the best prices possible, we decided to cut out the middleman and purchase our products directly from the growers. This spares us from having to pay a markup in between, helping to keep the final price lower.

Buying in bulk also reduces the number of costs in terms of human power and labour. Measuring one large quantity instead of many small quantities saves time and therefore money, once again keeping prices low for the customer.

To take the savings one step further, not having to divvy up products saves us the costs of packaging as well as people power. Every little bit counts!

Buying Bulk Weed Means Saving Money

The concept isn’t new: Buying in bulk saves you money. It’s the same as buying a big bag of rice, beans, or flour—the price is ultimately less by weight when you purchase large quantities.

For example, an ounce of our Pink Tuna will cost you $129. With 28 grams to an ounce, that works out to be $4.60 per gram. However, if you bump that order up to a pound of Pink Tuna, your price comes down to $2.67 per gram—almost half the price!

Even our very best bud can be bought for a bargain. Take a look at Rockstar Tuna. For an AAAA+ weed (literally the best of the best) boasting a 29 percent THC content and some very flauntable heritage, you can pay as little as $2.19 per gram when purchased in a two-pound quantity. That’s literally half as much as the cheapest bud you can buy at a government dispensary!

You Get Better Product for Less

One of the very best perks about buying bulk weed online is that you get the freshest bud available on the market. Because we buy and sell in such large quantities, we have a high turnover. That means we’re always bringing in fresh orders from our growers.

Having the option to buy in bulk offers the customer a chance to get better weed than they might normally be able to afford. For example, the strong and wonderful Blueberry Express can be purchased in quantities of up to two pounds at a time. This gets you beautiful bud for an excellent price.

A lot of our two-pound options come in smalls (buds that are smaller than the usual selling size, but of no less quality). Take, for example, our Sugar Breath Smalls: an AAAA grade bud with a high (27 per cent) THC content. The combination of being smalls and ordered in bulk can bring the price of this top-notch cannabis down to as little as $1.98 per gram!

How Much Can I Get?

In Canada, a person can legally possess cannabis in a public place to a maximum of 30 grams, and in a private place, a maximum of 1000 grams (one kilogram, or 2.2 pounds).

If you find your way to our Wholesale page, you’ll see that we offer quantities ranging from a quarter pound to a maximum of two pounds, and everything in between.

On that note, we always advise people considering a bulk purchase to try a smaller amount of the strain first. Since we’re talking about savings here, spending a pretty penny on marijuana that doesn’t work for you would be tragic.

For those of you who can’t decide, we also offer a One Pound Mix & Match option. You can choose up to four different types of weed to make up a dream pound of your choice. The same goes for two and four ounces, just to keep you happy.

Skip the Trip of Shipping

One final perk of ordering cannabis in bulk is that the shipping is free! Plus, when you order a whole lot at once, you’ll theoretically be spared the task of ordering again for a long time.

Begone, pesky trips to the post office! Good riddance, multiple tracking numbers—we have weed to smoke!

That’s it, That’s All: Bulk Weed is Better

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