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How to smoke Hash

How to smoke Hash, BuyWeed247

Welcome to marijuana tips and tricks with BuyWeed247 today; we’re going to be discussing how to smoke some hash. Now, this app’s we made this from a compressed key; then, we made the keys into dry ice a method. now what we’re going to need for smoking today is we’re going to need a water bottle with the bottom cut off we’re not going to need the top at all this is a one-litre bottle you can’t use a two-litre bottle as well. the same thing to cut off the bottom would have as much usable space as possible we’re also going to need two knives. I try to like having them move very similar knives and have an insulated handle because we’re going to get these quite hot and you to want to make sure that your deliverable guys. in our second record, everybody’s it’s a pretty simple method, but we’re just going to use a safety pin that I’ve straightened out and have quite to straighten it out this much. but make sure you have a good easel space and the tip that’s going to be our second method burns. so, the first method we’re going to show you is just a simple one you just put it on the end of a safety pin you want a little pointy in paperclip my work. but I took the pointy end of a safety pin straightened out usually works now you want to be careful that it won’t fall off I got this stuck on here. as best I could, and it did take me a little bit of time to make sure that you do get it stuck on there you don’t want a small tiny amber falling off and burning things. so, like I said, it’s a simple method, but be careful, alright, so we’re just going to light it up at the end of the pen we’re going to blow it out just going to smoke just like an incense. just like the incense take a couple, I’m going to get a little red cherry on end and then you can take hits off it simply like that now if you want to concentrate. They concentrated in the cup and kept it near the edge of the counter. Like this, we’re going to get a lot of smoke in there. we’re going to have them go ahead and pick this hip from under this cup right you ready you think you have eaten out of that. cut your head, okay here we go get your hands down there let it go and let’s three out of the cup and yeah right to the edge. look some enough room here fill it up one more time to show you guys they just let it even sit there don’t have a counter that will burn be careful not to burn. you get that bowl cup just filled with smoke, and then you go and take another one John. well yeah, John pretty high today on there now the next method I’m going to show you is the knife hits method we’re going to need for that is you need a stove now you can’t do this without a gas stove the gas those do tend to work a little better for heating the tips of the knives. This problem is the reason why we wanted to have an insulated handle, so we’re going to be getting our knife tips very, very hot. now if you guys will notice I have removed my lab coat and my tie now, the one thing that you’d need to make sure you do right now is even BuyWeed247 can be a dumbass right now. I want you to make sure that you are not a dumbass and set yourself on fire, so make sure you take off anything that might get into this flame right now. be very, very careful when you’re eating these knives set important to get high, but do not set yourself on fire now. the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to get these glowing hot I can see these are glowing hot right now I’m also going to need John to come in and go ahead and take this hit. Many of these hits for smoke and ash is a two-person operation; you can do the safety pin by yourself; it is a little more difficult, and you must be quite skilled. You can hold the water bottle in your mouth and do this by yourself. But I’m going to demonstrate with John to make sure I have this as easy as possible to show you guys so John we want to go ahead come in here and put your head down here next is a fashion don’t be a dumbass and set your hair on fire by getting close. I’m going to pick these up with the knives you’re going to keep these you know it’s not as possible, so we’re going to move quickly pick that up to put your mouth over the end of the bottle. we’re going to let this build up smoke in the bottle since he’s built up enough smoke you start inhaling, so fill it up full of smoke and in the nail fill it up and let it inhale fill it up if you are careful not to get too close to your bottle. doing a mulcher bottle either do it back away bats action when I’m doing here with there. as you see here, I’ve got the hash on the knife tips holding the book together actually police a lot of smoke weed be careful they stay hot for quite some time. well, we hope you enjoyed our tips on how to smoke hash. There are other methods on how to smoke hash you can, of course, get a hash pipe we figured we didn’t need to show you those are self-explanatory. We saw so many pipes that are solely made for the smoking now you guys make sure you click the like button leave us your comments we love those and subscribe it’s free.

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