Stoner Strategy: Why You Should Shop $99 Ounces

Stoner Strategy: Why You Should Shop $99 Ounces, BuyWeed247

As with all good things, more is always better, right? Especially when it comes to buying marijuana in bulk. Here at Buy Weed 247, we offer the best selection of $99 oz in Canada. Our selection includes top-shelf buds at great prices to fulfil your bulk cannabis needs.

But does an ounce sound like too much weed to handle? Does $99 feel like too much to spend all at once? Read on to discover why our $99 ounces are worth splurging for, as well as some great ideas on what to do with all that tasty bud.


How Much Weed Is in an Ounce?

For some people, a full ounce is challenging to visualize, so let’s break it down. 

When you buy a dime bag, that’s one gram. One gram is typically the smallest amount you can buy. 

An ounce of marijuana is 28 grams (as is an ounce of anything else, for that matter). But while an ounce of chocolate seems like a skimpy serving, an ounce of marijuana is actually quite a lot.

Let’s convert that to an easier visual. Pre-rolls purchased from a dispensary are usually made with one gram of marijuana. So by that logic, an ounce will get you about 28 ample joints, which could last a moderate smoker a month or more. 

And since our bud is top-notch, a joint a day oughta be plenty.


What’s the Difference in Price?

Buying marijuana by the ounce is like buying flour by the sack; if it’s something you use every day, the savings become pretty obvious over time. 

If you look at government prices, their cheapest ounces are $119.99. Then they add PST, GST, and shipping on top. That brings their price over $140 for their least expensive, lowest quality ounce. And if you’ve shopped for weed from the government recently, you know that they don’t understand the meaning of quality.

Unless paying taxes thrills you, it’s well worth your time to check out our $99 ounces. While a lot of them are made up of smalls (nugs of lesser size but equal quality), they still stack up with the best bud on our site. 

Take our Lindsay OG, for example: a rare hybrid kush descended from the infamous OG Kush with an AAAA rating and a maximum THC level of 23 percent. 

This strain is praised for its effects on treating pain, stress, and insomnia as well as clearing the mind and bringing the body to a sedated state of peace – and all that for a mere $99! Yeah, you’re welcome. 


A Few Good Reasons to Buy $99 Oz in Canada

If you’re still not convinced, here are some more reasons to go for $99 ounces:


Better Flower For Less!

At Buy Weed 247, we specialize in wholesale. Since we buy our products in large quantities directly from the growers, those savings can be passed along to our customers. 

This allows us to offer some of the best $99 oz available in Canada, just to make you happy.


Bulk Means Fresh!

Buying and selling in large quantities means quick turnover. That, in turn, means the cannabis we’re sending to you is coming in fresh from the growers. 

No dusty, musty, crumbly old weed fading to weak oblivion, but just the opposite: fresh, vibrant, potent, perky buds, from our door to yours.


Savings and More Savings!

We offer all of our flower in ounces, with prices varying from $119 to 220 (excluding our trim and Sale section). 

While that’s only a $20 difference from the lowest price, it adds up over time. One could even treat oneself to some special gummies or a couple sachets of loaded hard candies with their savings *wink wink*.


What to Do With All That Weed

Firstly, a disclaimer: It’s advisable to try it before you buy it. We recommend you purchase a half-ounce (our lowest quantity available) to try before committing to a whole ounce. That way, you’re not stuck with a whole bunch of something that doesn’t work for you.

Once you find a strain you’re fond of and order up an ounce, you’ll find yourself with a lot of bud in your hands. A dedicated smoker could very easily make their way through an ounce, but for the sake of your lungs, it may be wise to change up your routine from time to time.

Some other ideas for using up marijuana include:

  • Vaporizing – While this still affects your airways, it is indisputably lighter on your lungs than smoking. 
  • Make a tincture – Since the best way to make a tincture is to stuff a jar full of weed, it feels easier when you have a lot to work with. Grind it up, stuff it in a jar, then simply top with a high-proof alcohol. Cover, and shake daily for four to six weeks. Strain and squeeze the plant matter and voila! you have cannabis tincture.
  • Make an infused oil – While there are several techniques for doing this, be sure to gently decarboxylate your marijuana first to get the maximum potency.
  • Bake some edibles – Use your infused oil to bake up some tasty edibles of your choice (but please be careful!)


Pounce on Our $99 Ounce!

Nothing will make an enthusiastic cannabis user happier than having an ample amount of the good stuff to enjoy without end, without envy. 

Ordering our $99 oz in Canada is a great way to make your mind, body, and wallet happy with some of the best quality weed available online.

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