Small is Beautiful: The Largest Smalls Collection in Canada

Small is Beautiful: The Largest Smalls Collection in Canada, BuyWeed247

They say bigger is better, but is that really true? Big is good when talking about trees and whales, but not everything has to be big to be great. Smalls bud in Canada are one of these exceptions.

Along with two-bite brownies and finger sandwiches, smalls are the way to go, especially when it comes to getting a bargain on cannabis. Finding smalls bud in Canada is one of the best deals going: lower prices for the same top-notch bud, and the only real difference is size.


What Are Smalls?

When talking about smalls in reference to cannabis, we mean buds that are literally smaller than the usual big, dense nugs you see on dispensary shelves. Sometimes called Popcorn Buds, they’re usually just smaller and looser than what you’d normally see.

Aesthetics have become a determining factor in grading and pricing marijuana. Especially in a store setting where you can’t smell or try the weed, we primarily rely on visuals to make a choice. Most people are looking to buy the greenest, shiniest, densest and hairiest buds they can find.

Since smalls look so, well, small, they are often overlooked as high quality weed. However, even great strains make smalls naturally as they grow. 

That means that smalls, while being smaller and less pretty than their big sisters, are still part of the same family and can pack the same punch.


How’d They Get So Small?

Bud comes from plants, plants come from Nature, and Nature doesn’t do anything uniformly. 

While some parts of the cannabis plant will produce giant, lustrous buds that glow to high heaven, other parts of the plant will receive less energy and produce smaller, less radiant flowers. 

Some strains of marijuana grow small buds on the very top of the plant. They’ll be similar to the “bigs” produced by the plant, though typically not as dense. Importantly, you’ll still get the same high. But the buds are closer to popcorn size, than fist size.

If you’re buying smalls in bulk, having to smoke a little more won’t matter. Take a look at our MAC x Pie Face Smalls. They’re crystal-covered, dank as a den of skunks, and can cost as little as $1.98 per gram when purchased in a two-pound quantity. That’s no small deal!


Why Should I Choose Smalls Bud in Canada?

Here are a few solid reasons why smalls are a great choice when you’re looking at bud for sale in Canada:



As mentioned above, smalls are typically cheaper than bigs solely based on their aesthetic appearance. Being less photogenic than their larger counterparts means that people will typically steer away from them unless the price is lower. 

But that just means it’s a good deal for those of us who aren’t wrapped up in choosing glamour over practicality. You still get excellent weed with smalls—only your wallet will know the difference.


Dried Perfectly

Due to the nature of smalls and how they grow, the buds aren’t as dense. This means they can dry and cure faster. Properly dried weed is easier to grind, burns more uniformly, and is less harsh on the lungs.


More Variety

By purchasing huge quantities of cannabis from our growers, we are able to offer many different strains to our customers for amazing prices. Here at BW247, we understand that variety is the spice of life. That’s why we have our Mix & Match options, so you, the customer, can enjoy a varied selection from the biggest collection of smalls bud available in Canada.


All the Same Good Stuff

Smalls have all the same cannabinoids and terpenes as the rest of the cannabis plant. These qualities are found in the plant’s trichomes, and their specific variations remain true within each strain.

That means that our Glitter Titties Smalls are equally as voluptuous (high-wise) as the big Glitter Titties, that Pink Death Smalls are just as deadly as their big sisters, and that these Trainwreck Smalls will leave you equally wrecked (in a good way), size aside. You get the picture: Smalls are just as good.


Great for Rolling Spliffs and Blunts

If spliffs or blunts are your thing, smalls make for an excellent mixing medium. Because they are slightly dier, they are very similar in texture to that of tobacco and therefore make for a nice, even burn. 


Much Ado About Smalls

While some say bigger is better, others say good things come in small packages. 

At Buy Weed 247, we offer the best of both: big packages of smalls! In quantities of up to two pounds, you can find excellent quality smalls online in a variety of respectable strains. And with our great prices, what’s not to love about a giant bag of smalls?

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