BuyMyWeedOnline Vs. Buy Weed 247 : Which MOM has the Best High Quality Weed?

BuyMyWeedOnline Vs. Buy Weed 247 : Which MOM has the Best High Quality Weed?, BuyWeed247

Today, we’ll compare BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO) to BuyWeed247 to showcase how quality, safety, and customer service are important. If you want a quality high, get high-quality weed. Nowadays, with dispensaries popping up left, right, and centre, it’s a bit of a shemozzle to find out who is selling the good stuff and who’s just trying to make a quick buck.

BuyWeed247 focuses on bulk, high quality weed, as well as customer service and safety. The same is not always so with other MOM companies. 

BMWO vs BuyWeed247: Which has High-Quality Weed? 

When you’re purchasing weed online, you don’t have the opportunity to examine it for quality as you would when shopping in a brick-and-mortar dispensary. Instead, you have to choose based on each site’s product description, as well as reviews and references found online.


If you sniff around for BuyMyWeedOnline, you’ll soon find a lot of negative feedback about quality even though they advertise their AAAAA Weed. Many customers report mouldy or weak weed or even cannabis contaminated by foreign material such as plastic. Gross — and dangerous!

Here are some quotes from online reviews of BuyMyWeedOnline:

“My very first MOM order was from them, 385$ that I pretty much threw out to the trash cause it was absolute s–t”

“Literally every single product I got was crumbly, dry weed. Nothing was fresh, nothing had any terps”

“I’ve ordered once when I was new to MoMs. Sent me all mouldy weed and didn’t respond to email.”

None of these reviews are very encouraging to purchase weed from BuyMyWeedOnline. 

Beyond internet research, the very best thing you can do, and what BW247 recommends, is to purchase a small quantity to sample and see for yourself what the company offers. After that, you can decide to purchase larger quantities — or not.


BuyMyWeedOnline Vs. Buy Weed 247 : Which MOM has the Best High Quality Weed?, BuyWeed247

Trichome covered, bright red hairs, this is high quality cannabis.

Of course, every online dispensary is going to tout itself as the best — it’s a business tactic to self-advertise and draw the customer in. Keeping a close eye on what each site advertises can help you make an informed decision.

For example, BW247 offers wholesale cannabis. Because of this, one can extrapolate that they have a high turnover, meaning their weed will always be fresh. In addition, reviews online can attest to the quality of weed they sell.

BW247 has something to suit every budget, but most of their dried herb is grade AAA+ or more. A company that mainly sells high-quality weed obviously prides itself in offering the best of the best to their customers, which is a good sign when searching for a MOM. 

BMWO & BuyWeed247: Customer Service

While price and quality are essential factors in choosing an online dispensary, customer service is right up there, too. Whether you have questions about products or there’s an issue with quality or shipping, it’s nice to have an actual person to contact on the other side to clear things up.


BuyMyWeedOnline, however, has pretty terrible reviews online in terms of customer service. People report being completely ignored after a complaint or being offered band-aid solutions that don’t make up for the issue at hand.

Being ripped off is frustrating and disheartening, potentially even enraging if you’ve spent a bunch of money. When you’re spending hard-earned money on marijuana, you want to be absolutely certain that you’re getting what you pay for. 


With such a grand selection of dried flower, you’ll be sure to have some questions about items you’re interested in buying. At BW247, their goal is to make their customers happy, and they keep this priority in mind at all times. 

The BW247 site has a chat bubble that connects you to a real human right away — no grabs for your email to try to sneak into your inbox. You can ask them anything, and a knowledgeable rep is right there to answer your questions.

Reviews online praise BW247 for their prompt shipping and insured delivery, meaning that if anything goes wrong along the way, they have you covered. Any mishaps will be cleared up and replaced at no cost to you.

BW247 is an established dispensary with a great reputation for selling high quality weed. After browsing their top-tier selections and placing an order, you’ll have it in your hands in a matter of days and hopefully be enjoying some of the best cannabis you’ve ever had. 

Safety and Security When Buying High Quality Weed

When you’re looking to buy high quality weed, you can expect to spend a pretty penny (although the BW247 On Sale section can save you a chunk of change). Like any investment, you want to be sure the transaction is safe and secure. 


Even though weed has been legalized in Canada, many dispensaries still operate within a grey area. Because of this, payments are often taken in a roundabout way to keep both the buyer and the seller protected.

One would hope that anonymity would remain safe in both directions. However, some reports suggest that BuyMyWeedOnline has been selling email addresses to other MOMs.

Privacy is of utmost importance, and sharing personal information is a big no-no if a company hopes to develop your trust and respect. The fact that BMWO has even been accused of such an activity is a big red flag.


At BuyWeed247, their mission is to create a good customer experience. They are committed to providing the best service possible, including maintaining discretion and privacy for all their customers. 

Also, the fact that their shipping is 100 percent insured gives the customer great peace of mind. Knowing that your investment won’t just be tossed out the window is a great relief, especially for those ordering bulk quantities of cannabis.

The Bottom Line: Do Your Research

When it comes to purchasing weed sight unseen, it’s up to the consumer to do their research on a company that has their best interests at heart. 

Fortunately, BuyWeed247 has over a decade of experience serving customers and is a safe and reputable source for high quality weed. Their secure shopping, insured shipping, and overall level of care will make your MOM experience as dreamy as it should be.

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