Buy Weed 247 vs. Cannawholesalers: Who Sells the Best Weed in Canada

Buy Weed 247 vs. Cannawholesalers: Who Sells the Best Weed in Canada, BuyWeed247

The ‘green revolution’ has spread to Canada, and the country is witnessing a boom of recreational marijuana. The mail-order business for this new industry is booming with more customers than ever before as online dispensaries grow at an alarmingly fast rate every day! Two popular web based websites where pot can be ordered from are BuyWeed247 and Cannawholesalers.

What’s in a name? Well, not everything, that’s for sure. When you see the name Cannawholesalers, your first thought might be, alright, bulk weed for cheap! While you may be technically correct, there’s more to a company than just its name. Buying weed in bulk is all about quality, and that’s something BuyWeed247 specializes in. Here are some more ways that BW247 compares to Cannawholesalers.


Both companies claim to offer good weed at a bargain, but let’s take a closer look to see who’s actually offering the better deal.


At BW247, they purchase their products directly from growers. By doing so, they cut out any middlemen and therefore keep their costs lower. 

Buy Weed 247 vs. Cannawholesalers: Who Sells the Best Weed in Canada, BuyWeed247

How do you decide between Canadian online dispensaries?

Since they sell in large quantities, they have a quick turnaround, meaning the weed you buy is fresh and potent. This is an important factor for those looking to purchase a lot of marijuana at once.

Buying large amounts of ganja seems pricey off the top, but it’s a deal in the end. When you purchase the bulk weed quantity (two pounds) from BW247, their prices per gram are less than half of that at a government dispensary! That can make all the difference for those looking to buy weed in Canada while minding their bank accounts.


Cannawholesalers started out as a distribution centre for dispensaries and online MOM sites but have since decided to sell bulk weed to the general public as well. 

Apparently, they didn’t get the memo on prices, because even their bulk stuff is much more expensive than BW247’s.

For example, their Pink Tuna costs $2000 for a pound. At BW247, you can find AAA+ Pink Tuna for $1,210 per pound! That’s a nearly $800 difference, a savings of which could buy you a lot more weed or edibles, or maybe even cover your rent or something else life-practical.


Bargains and freebies are undoubtedly where it’s at, but the buyer has to beware that they’re not getting duped. Check out some of the deals each company has to offer and their shipping promos:


One of the best things on the BW247 website is their Mix & Match section. They have all kinds of sizes: two-ounce, quarter-, and one-pound options for their flower, and a selection for hash as well. Each page has all the options of flower for you to select from, making it easy to see what you’re ordering.

When you check out the options in the mix and match, they’re all top-grade weed—all the bud in their one-pound offer are AAAA or AAAA+. Let it be known, though: if you want a pound of just one kind of weed, be sure to check their Wholesale page for the best price.

BW247 also offers free shipping for orders over $150, which is surely not hard to achieve. The weed all looks so delightful, it’s hard to order just a little! But if you’re truly only after a small amount, be sure to check out their $99 oz for a steal of a deal.


To compare directly, the Mix and Match system at Cannawholesalers is a little bit confusing. Instead of having a nice layout with all the options to select from, the customer just keeps placing items in their cart and a discount is automatically applied. 

This makes it a little confusing to keep track of how much you’ve ordered and what your discount actually is. As well, their M&M system only applies to ounces and quarter pounds. They also don’t offer mix and match for hash, which is a bummer for those who like to keep a buffet around to spice things up.

They do offer $60 ounces, but that is definitely a buyer beware-type of price. Also, Cannawholesalers has a minimum $150 order policy, which will get you free shipping but won’t get you a single ounce, or even two, which excludes those shopping on a budget.

Comparing BW247 and Cannawholsalers Customer Service

While there are differences in prices, a lot of it comes down to the experience each company gives to the customer that will leave them wanting to return—or not.


On the BW247 site, there is a chat bubble on the bottom that customers can use to connect to a real human being. This is very helpful for answering questions you may have while shopping, so you can make informed decisions in the moment.

One reviewer has said, “I have been a customer of this site for over 2 years now and haven’t looked back even once! Since my very first order, I can’t say enough good things about the product, customer service, […] and the prices are about as good as it can get for this level of quality product!” 


The Cannawholesalers website has a chat bubble, but if you open it, it immediately asks for your email address to “start a chat.” This always seems like a ploy to get into your inbox and therefore flood you with content. However, you can skip that part by clicking the start button to talk to a rep.

Some people have said of Cannawholesalers customer service: “[…] Further from that, their website says customer satisfaction is important, but that is absolutely not true. I informed them of their low quality product and my dissatisfaction and they told me to take my business elsewhere.”

Customer Reviews

Here are some direct off-site quotes from people who have shopped at Cannawholesalers:

  • “I ordered 3 oz, regular price (not budget oz), their deal is more u buy more u save so buying 3oz reduced price, got 2 strains i know (nuken and sour diesel) and one new one platinum OG Sour diesel: i opened the bag and it smelled dank, i pulled a nug busted it up and it tasted like seeds, irritated my lungs and didn’t even have the dieselly finish..”
  • “They are super hit and miss, haven’t used em in a long time, too many misses”
  • “The shatter […] was a bit scary. It was supposed to be ‘top shelf,’ but it was very dark (which at least means that they didn’t try to fake the colour, so there’s that) and felt like inhaling an army of Covid-19 viruses with chainsaws.” 

The Takeaway: Buy Wholesale from a Trusted Source

Purchasing weed of quality and in high quantity should be an enjoyable experience that leaves the customer feeling fulfilled and satisfied with their experience. If you’re looking to buy weed in Canada, it’s important to find a MOM who cares about you. At BuyWeed247, they offer exceptional products at great prices, and with excellent customer service to boot. 

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