Herb Approach Vs. Buy Weed 247 : Who Has the Cheapest Weed in Canada?

Herb Approach Vs. Buy Weed 247  : Who Has the Cheapest Weed in Canada?, BuyWeed247

Today, we’ll talk about Herb Approach and compare it to BuyWeed247, see whose weed is best and cheaper. Everyone wants to buy things for a bargain — it’s just the very nature of shopping. However, when you’re looking for the cheapest weed in Canada, you want to be sure that a bargain doesn’t mean bad weed.

BuyWeed247 has this balance down to an art. They sell top-grade weed for low prices, and they offer multiple kinds of deals that will suit anyone’s budget.

Cheapest Weed in Canada: Herbapproach or BuyWeed247?

Price is often the great divider when it comes to where you purchase products. It’s why people hate shopping through the government dispensaries. For example, did you know the average price per gram in August of 2021 was $12.34? We can do better than that!

Let’s take a look at a few strains that both BW247 and Herb Approach sell and compare their prices.

Ice Cream Cake

Cannabis connoisseurs love this strain for the unique and delicious flavour it provides. Coupled with a stunning appearance and a whopping 25-28 percent THC content, Ice Cream Cake is as endearing as its namesake.

Let’s start by comparing ounces. Herb Approach sells this strain in one-ounce quantities maximum. They’re asking $279.99 per ounce, which works out to $10 per gram.

At BW247, they sell an ounce of Ice Cream Cake for $119. Do the math and you’ll see that comes to $4.25 per gram, well under half the price of HA. Kick that quantity up to BW247’s maximum of two pounds, and you’re looking at $2.09 per gram — now that’s a la mode.

Bubba Kush

Both relaxing and euphoric, Bubba Kush is a well-known and well-loved strain. It’s been known to aid chronic pain, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, and stress. In addition, it can suppress nausea while promoting appetite, making it a winner all across the board. 

Herb Approach sells Bubba Kush for $199.99 per ounce (again, their largest quantity). At that price, you’re paying $7.14 per gram.

Hop on over to BW247’s Bubba Kush and you’ll see they’re selling this AAA+ bud for $119 per ounce. That’s $4.25 per gram, and if you up your purchase to a pound, it’ll be $2.60 per gram: shazam


The very name evokes remembered flavours of fresh fruit, sweet and light on the tongue. That’s just what you get with Gelato: orange and blueberry flavours with a sweet finish and a high that gets your mind moving.

You can find an ounce of Gelato at HA for $279.99, or $10 per gram. At BW247, an ounce of Gelato smalls costs $79.

Wait, what?

Yup, you read that right. You can get juicy, succulent AAA+ weed from BW247 for less than a third of the price of Herb Approach. That’s gotta be the cheapest weed in Canada!

What About Mix & Match Cannabis?

Herb Approach Vs. Buy Weed 247  : Who Has the Cheapest Weed in Canada?, BuyWeed247

Looking for the cheapest weed in Canada? We’ve got you covered.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that — doesn’t that sound nice? Let’s see who offers better deals on variety packs.


Herb Approach has a vast Mix and Match section, though only two options are for flower. The rest is made up of concentrations, extracts, and vape hardware.

If bud is what you’re after, HA may not be the place to look for mixing and matching. Again, they only offer up to one-ounce options, and prices are much higher than BW247.


So you can buy up to two pounds of great weed from BW247 … but perhaps you fear too much of a good thing? Fear not: BW247 has a selection of Mix & Match deals to keep your bulk purchases diverse and delicious. 

They have Mix & Match offers for two-ounce, quarter- and one-pound options. Within those, you can choose from a wide variety of AAA+ – AAAA+ strains to build yourself a dreamy bundle of herb.

Best Weed in Canada: Deals and Offers

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Read on to find out who offers what in the world of weed.


HA has a Flash Deals section that rotates weekly. Most of it is concentrates and edibles, with only a handful of dried herb on sale. 


What’s in an ounce? Twenty-eight grams of goodness, to be exact. At BW247, you can get top-shelf marijuana for $99 or less in their $99 Oz section. There is plenty of variety there to find something for everybody.

BW247 also has a Value section where they offer less-than-perfect weed for more-than-perfect prices. Most of the strains are smalls, which really only means the buds aren’t picture perfect. However, they still have all the great qualities you’re looking for in top-tier weed.

And to cut straight to the chase, BW247 also has an On Sale section. Here you’ll find a variety of all the things on their site, including hash, CBD pills, vape kits, and more. It’s an ever-rotating selection and worth keeping an eye on.


This is one thing that is unique to BW247, as HA doesn’t offer anything over an ounce. BW247 specializes in bulk and wholesale, and offers a great variety of weed for mind-bogglingly low prices.

Their Wholesale page has 58 strains to choose from, in quantities up to two pounds. Some strains are offered as smalls, but there are lots of regular-sized buds in there as well. And if concentrates are your thing, they have a wholesale section for those as well.

The perks of buying wholesale are numerous: it’s cheaper, thanks to the size of the order; and the herb is fresher due to high turnover, meaning you’re getting the best quality possible. Perhaps best of all, it is convenient to order in bulk, either to build up your own stash or to share an order with friends.

In case you were wondering, it is legal to possess up to one kilogram of marijuana in a non-public place. That means you can safely order two pounds and have it in your place of residence without breaking the law. 

Look No Further for the Cheapest Weed in Canada 

If you’re looking for a great bargain on weed, BuyWeed247 is the place to go. Their wholesale selections, $99 oz, and Mix & Match options make them one of the best dispensaries in Canada for those looking to purchase large quantities of weed.

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