GreenSociety Vs. Buy Weed 247: What’s the Best Bulk Cannabis in Canada?

GreenSociety Vs. Buy Weed 247: What’s the Best Bulk Cannabis in Canada?, BuyWeed247

Today, we’ll compare GreenSociety to BuyWeed247 to show why dispensaries that specialize in bulk are the way to go. At Buy Weed 247, bulk weed is what they do.

When buying bulk cannabis in Canada, it’s best to buy from a MOM company that focuses on bulk sales. Even if you have a favourite go-to dispensary, it’s worthwhile to buy bulk from sites that specialize in large quantities.

Green Society vs BuyWeed247: Which is Best for Bulk Cannabis in Canada?

Canadians love weed. And they love it in bulk. According to recent statistics, we bought more than $1.3 billion of the green stuff in the first half of 2021 alone.

There are many reasons to buy in bulk: saving money, loading your stash, and sparing the cost of shipping multiple smaller packages. Let’s compare BW247 and GreenSociety in terms of their bulk offers.


Not much to say here — Green Society doesn’t really offer bulk quantities of weed. They sell maximum quantities of a quarter pound of each kind of weed. Compare that to BW247’s maximum of two pounds and it seems a little skimpy. 


Variety is exciting; it really is the spice of life. With BW247’s huge selection, bulk shoppers are nearly awash in options, which means everyone is sure to find something that appeals to them.

If you check out the BW247 Wholesale page, you will see that they offer almost 60 kinds of flower in bulk. This is great news for those looking to purchase marijuana in large amounts.

If you want to buy bulk cannabis in Canada but you’d like several kinds of weed, BW247 offers a Mix & Match section. You can buy up to two pounds, choosing between four kinds of AAAA+ weed to be delivered promptly to your door or post box.

Buying Bulk Cannabis in Canada Saves You Money

GreenSociety Vs. Buy Weed 247: What’s the Best Bulk Cannabis in Canada?, BuyWeed247

When you buy weed in bulk, you want to get your money’s worth.

The most obvious factor of buying in bulk is saving money. The more you buy, the more you save. Let’s compare a few prices for products sold at both BW247 and Green Society.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond, named for its dark leaves and stunning trichome cover, is a strain renowned for its strength and sedative effects. It is an indica-dominant hybrid from Northern California, considered rare in the herb world. Its sedative effects make it great for aiding in sleep, and it’s also known to increase appetite.

At BW247, you can purchase Black Diamond in quantities up to a pound. A pound will cost you $720, which seems like a big ol’ chunk of change. However, if you do the math, that’s only $1.59 per gram, which is a fantastic price for AAA+ weed.

Green Society also sells Black Diamond. They’re asking $450 for a quarter-pound (which again is their maximum quantity). That price works out to $4 per gram. Compare that to BW247’s prices, and you’re looking at almost triple the cost!

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a classic strain that you can find at most dispensaries. Supposedly a pure indica, Purple Kush is loved by marijuana users for its powerful but relaxing high. PK provides relief from pain and leaves you ready for a solid night’s sleep.

BW247 sells Purple Kush in the maximum quantity of two pounds. At that scale, it would cost you $1,100, which works out to a shockingly low price of $1.21 per gram. Even if you purchased only one pound, you’d still be looking at the low low price of $1.60 per gram.

Green Society sells Purple Kush in quarter-pound quantities for $350. That works out to $3.10 per gram, well over double that of BW247. 

Pineapple Express

If you see that name and the first thing you think of is James Franco’s super baked smiley face and drug rug pants, you’re not alone. However, after we look at price comparisons, it’ll be the savings from BW247 that come to mind from now on.

You can purchase the famed Pineapple Express from BW247 in quantities up to a pound. That’ll set you back $875, which breaks down to $1.92 per gram for this beautiful sativa-dominant hybrid.

The same strain from Green Society will cost you $400 for a quarter-pound. That equates to $3.60 per gram. At nearly half the cost, purchasing Pineapple Express from BW247 would be wise for those with money on the mind. 

High Turnover Means Fresh Weed

If savings don’t speak to you, then let it be known that weed from BW247 will be fresh with a capital F.

Because BW247 specializes in bulk, their turnover is pretty rapid. Large quantities come in, large quantities go out, and so the cycle goes. Since Green Society is only selling in quarter pounds, it probably takes them a lot longer to turn over their stock.

If you’re a marijuana enthusiast, you’ll agree that buying bulk cannabis in Canada is a smart choice for ensuring you get the freshest weed possible. After all, what finer thing is there than sweet, smooth, properly cured weed for a killer price?

As a side note, for those who enjoy a smattering (or more) of hash in their marijuana, BW247 also offers hash in large amounts, as well as a hash mix & match to keep your selection exciting. 

How Does BW247 Do It?

Does it sound too good to be true?

Fear not: it is good, and it is true. Because BW247 focuses on bulk, they purchase directly from the growers. Instead of having to pay a middle person to mediate, BW247 goes straight to the growers to keep costs down.

Another factor that allows BW247 to sell pounds of weed for low prices is that many wholesale strains are sold as smalls. So rest assured: while they may not be picture-perfect, smalls are just as potent as their pretty counterparts and will still get you high as a kite.

Bye Bye Bite Sized: Bring on the Bulk!

If you use marijuana on the regular, buying bulk cannabis in Canada is the way to go. You can save money, spare yourself the hassle of repeated shipping, and keep your stash nice and stocked. 

At BW247, they offer all kinds of great deals to give their customers the best price on the market because they know what the people want. After all, who doesn’t love saving money AND getting top-shelf marijuana?

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